Spain focuses on Morocco, Italy opens the compass from Algeria to Egypt

Spain’s agreement with Morocco is important, very important, since North Africa has shaped Spanish political life since the middle of the 19th century.

The military campaign begun in 1859 by General Prime in Morocco, he wants to compensate for the depressive spiral caused by the emancipation of the American colonies. With the bronze of the enemy cannons, the lions of the Cortes were melted down. A revolt of reservists against the Moroccan war set fire to Barcelona in 1909. It fell Maura and the crisis of the Restoration accelerated. The annual catastrophe of 1921 led to the dictatorship of General Rivera’s cousin . The insurrection against the Second Republic began in Morocco, the civil war was won by the Africanist military and a secret war was fought in Sidi Ifni in the 1950s. A Moorish guard protected the general Franc until Hassan II occupied Western Sahara while the dictator was dying. The plague of the Sahara has been with us ever since. Adolfo Suarez he threatened King Hassan to bombard Rabat if he touched Ceuta and Melilla. Philip González builds bridges. Jose Maria Aznar wanted to face Mohammad VI , got carried away with France and ended up compromising his future in the Azores. The terrorists of March 11, 2004 were born in Morocco, and in Madrid ETA stood out. Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero sewn, Mariano Rajoy was still, her favorite position, and Pedro Sanchez He tried to open the compass a little more with Algeria, until the Moroccan secret services learned that the leader of the Polisario Front in Logroño had been secretly hospitalized. And what happened happened.

Sánchez took drastic decisions to try to end the crisis with Morocco. He sacked the minister in July Arancha Gonzalez Laya since the summer he has approached the United States and NATO, sent intermediaries to Rabat and decided to speed up the pace a few weeks ago, when he saw that things were going to turn very bad with the war in Ukraine.

The necessary reunion with Morocco was staged quickly, badly explained to public opinion, badly discussed in Congress, badly communicated to Algeria and emotionally badly managed. The Saharawis no longer have anyone to write to them.

Very dependent on Russia, Italy is today in a much more critical position than Spain

A sudden vacuum was created with Algeria and Italy evolved with the agility of dino zoff this legendary goalkeeper of Juventus and the national . Four days after the pact of Rabat, the pact of Algiers is signed. (To see the vanguard of yesterday). Henceforth, a singular symmetry opens up: Spain-Morocco, Italy-Algeria.

Italy will invest in the promotion of renewable energies in Algeria and will be able to buy more gas from this country from the 2023-2024 financial year: an additional nine billion cubic meters through the gas pipeline that reaches Sicily, up to 30, that is to say up to the figure of 30,000 million cubic meters, which would represent almost 40% of Italian annual consumption.

You have to put things in context. Italy is today in a much more desperate situation than Spain in terms of energy. It consumes a lot of gas (between 76 and 80 Gm3 per year, compared to 33 in Spain), it has only three regasification plants, it has no nuclear power plants and its renewable energies are less developed. Today, it is 40% dependent on Russian gas. Fear a collapse. Emergency plans currently include the possibility of reducing public lighting and making certain energy restrictions. With such an image, political and media hysteria would reign in Spain at the moment.

Mario Draghi it is advancing at full speed and Algeria saw the opportunity to send a message to Spain: our new strategic partner will be Italy. While waiting for events, the following diagram is sketched out: Spain, focused on the complex relationship with Morocco and receiving more and more liquefied gas from the United States. Italy was rebuilding its organic relationship with North Africa with one foot in Algeria, another foot in Libya (where it was on the verge of losing it) and an interesting position in the deposits of the eastern Mediterranean, particularly on the Egyptian coast.

If it does not find good relations with Algeria, Spain can lose weight in the Mediterranean

Nigeria, a major African oil and gas producer, is weighing whether to build a gas pipeline across the desert to reach Europe via Algeria or build it along the coast, to reach Spain via the Morocco.

To complete the comparative picture, it should be added that Italy has a powerful public hydrocarbon company (ENI) and a large public electricity company (Enel).

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