The 5 must-try Greek restaurants in Madrid

the March 25 It’s the day when the national day in greece. A day that commemorates when in 1821 Greece declared the end of the rule of the Ottoman EmpireYes The Greek War of Independence has begun. Therefore, if you want to join this celebration or in fact you are passionate about Greek culture and gastronomy, there is nothing like visiting a good Greek restaurant among the many options you have in the capital. Let’s find out below, 5 must-try Greek restaurants in Madrid.

5 Greek restaurants in Madrid

The notes of sirtaki, the crystal clear sea… If you dream of a trip to Greece, try its delicious cuisine first. Start with some tzatziki sauce to whet your appetite. Follow it with a Greek salad, with delicious feta cheese and black olives. Or maybe you prefer a moussaka, an exquisite dish consisting of eggplant and minced meat. let yourself be enchanted for the Mediterranean flavors of Greek cuisine in these restaurants in Madrid.

Mythical Greek Restaurant

This restaurant located on Apodaca Street (in the neighborhood of Chueca), offers a range of Mediterranean flavors that its regular customers bet on. Among its specialties you will find the aforementioned tzatzikiDolmadakia (which is a Greek tapa with vine leaves and rice), the Hummus and Feta, as well as wines directly from the vineyards of the Peloponnese. It is also advisable to make reservations for groups, as they have special discounts on the menu for groups.

Location: Apodaca Street, 20

Dionisos Gastrobar

Dionisos Gastrobar is part of a chain of Greek restaurants with various locations in Spain and the UK. In this restaurant we can enjoy dishes such as moussaka, lukaniko (pork sausage), spanakopita (savory spinach pie)saganaki (kefalotyri cheese fried in olive oil), and for dessert, a good baklava or authentic greek yogurt.

Location: Augusto Figueroa Street, 8 / Leon Street 7

greek tavern

Greek Tavern is a famous tavern and the Madrid’s oldest Greek restaurantwhich usually hosts parties of all kinds, and for good reason: not only is the food excellent, but the offer live sirtaki demonstrations (a traditional Greek dance) every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. They offer both tasting menus and regular menus, which include dishes such as tsasiki, melitsanolata, keftedocreketas and gyros kebab.

Location: Rue du Trésor, 6


Critikos is another Greek restaurant located in the Chueca neighborhood . It’s a small place with a modern and cozy look that serves traditional Greek dishes and starters such as taramosalata (mashed potatoes)tyri saganaki (greek cheese fried in oil)dolmades (stuffed vegetables) and psari plaki (cooked fish). They also have a small vegetarian selection (plus salads) for those who prefer not to eat meat.

Location: San Gregorio Street, 11


Milo This is the last restaurant that the Panagiotis couple, made up of Charalambidis and Isabel del Castillo, opened in Madrid. Like the others (Mythos and Delphos), this restaurant offers a very Mediterranean-Greek cuisine.

in your letter Grilled meats and fish stand out above all.. Although the cuisine is not particularly spicy, the abundance of spices means that it is not suitable for all palates. It offers very interesting Peloponnese wines.

It’s decorated with countless Greek motifs, from flags to plaster sculptures, the occasional Doric column, friezes, and even a replica of the Venus de Milo. in the Salamanca district It is a charming and cozy place.

Among the dishes that stand out in their menu we have: hummus, pikilia megali (typical starter variety of the Hellenic country), oxtapodi karvuna sta (charcoal octopus), tomato accordion with manuri and basil pesto, tempura fillets browned in sauce with orange and arugula and spinach salad, musaka (aubergine, meat and potato lasagna), Tsipoura (golden charcoal) and garidaxifias sovlaki (emperor skewer).

Location: Francisco Silvela Street, 30

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