The best outdoor activities to do in Dubai

Since 2021, Dubai has become the most requested destination on the planet. Its demand for rooms to buy or rent exceeded the figures of the main capitals of the world. This represented year-over-year growth like we had never seen before. It clearly has to do with the shutdown of the pandemic, and the subsequent reactivation in ‘shock’, but even so, it never ceases to amaze us. In this way, the city has become a world reference in terms of economic recovery, and more particularly around tourism.

Here are some tourist attractions, then we analyze some additional data.

– Dubai Desert Safari.

Although the Dubai Desert Safari is a popular excursion, the cost is far less than this amazing experience is worth. Crossing the dunes of the mythical Dakar desert, you will see a splendid sunset while the shooting stars will undoubtedly fall. You’ll experience a traditional live belly dance, while enjoying a chef’s meal under the fire of an oasis. And if all this does not tempt you, there is also the possibility of spending the night in an exclusive camp under the dunes. More information here about an exciting desert safari, or as the guidebooks often say, an exciting desert safari.

– Navigate around the bay.

In a luxury yacht, you can travel in private, while glimpsing the shores of Dubai. You will be able to contemplate the spectacular view of the islands and the hotel strip. Inside the ship you will have a mini-spa with solarium, where while looking at the bay you can relax taking a bath and listening to music. More information on yacht charter in Dubai here.

– The fountains of Dubai.

In front of the lake that borders the Burj Khalifa, are these famous dancing fountains which are considered to be the best, most modern and most precious in the world. The choreography of the waters is the most complicated on the planet and the height of the water reaches 150 meters high to complete a spectacle not to be missed. Houseboats are also rented to watch the show from the lake.

– The artificial island.

Also known as the Palm Jumeirah, this luxurious island has all the attributes to make it an exquisite and refined place, where world stars and celebrities vacation. Within it we can locate the Atlantis Aquarium and Dolphin Bay, where, in addition to the beaches, you can find businesses of the main brands on the planet.

Additional Dubai Tourism Facts

In the famous Tripadvisor web page, that is this site with fine turísticos más visited de la historia, por orden de sus usuarios eligió a Dubái as el destino más popular del año 2022. Esto quiere decir que claramente se produjo una cultural desviación desde Europa hacia the region. As long foreseen by the founders of the city, the future of this commercial branch seems to depend on the city.

According to the figures, statistics and comments from travellers, the performance of the various structures that federate the activity has improved considerably since the slowdown generated by the quarantines. Since the openings, the growth has been sustained in such a way that it has become an example for other cities in the world. If we add to this the European political crisis generated by the Ukrainian conflict, we can almost say that in 2022 this trend seems to continue and even increase. The resurgence of investment that Dubai has experienced after a period full of fears and anxieties, has been dictated by the engine that tourism represented for the economy of the whole country.

Another section that has contributed comprehensively to the recovery and subsequent growth has been the technology exhibitions that Dubai has been hosting since 2020. This marked a new start for industrial activity in the city. And at Expo Dubai 2022, the capital has established itself as an interesting setting for political affairs. Previously, only frugal contact was made between global business leaders, but now government leaders have joined the conversation. Maybe looking for investments, maybe looking for the recovery of the economy of their countries in crisis. For no certain reason, Dubai has become a technological, social, cultural and now political hub which now unifies the Western world with that of the East. And now, with a pandemic perfectly under control on its soil, with more than 94% of the population vaccinated, all that remains is to generate the necessary deployment so that tourist activity continues to grow. In this way, we show you the possibilities that you will have to take advantage of if you decide to visit this new Mecca of world tourism for the first time.

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