The huge scare that Marcela Reyes had during her trip to the United States: “I don’t want to leave this world yet”

Photo: Instagram @marcolareyes

Moments of panic and uncertainty experienced in recent hours by the DJ Marcela Reyesafter during his trip to the United States, where he hopes to make several presentations, the plane in which he was about to fly presented serious technical failures.

According to what “the queen of guaracha”, as her supporters call her, said, had already boarded the plane when she and the rest of the passengers were informed that one of the engines would not run properlyfor which they were locked up there for a few hours.

Despite the inconvenience that the situation may have generated in some of the occupants, considering that after the long wait they were asked to get off to catch another flight, the woman from Antioquia expressed her joy for the decision taken , since she assures that she prefers to wait for another flight to lose her life on the way.

“Before six o’clock (in the morning) they took us on board, but the plane’s turbine was not working, they stayed for two hours, but the engine did not start and thank God they took us down and we we’re alive and nothing happened to us but why didn’t we get off before, two hours locked in this plane,” he shared through his Instagram Stories.

Marcela Reyes also pointed out in her story that “words have power”, since hours before her husband B King made a joke about plane crashes, though she never imagined that joke could turn into a grim prediction.

In addition, the music producer wonders about the fact that this type of situation occurs within an airline and warns that from now on the fear he had of planes will be even greater.

“Words have power, B King, very funny, before taking off, he came out with a shiver there, all little charritos, and indeed the plane was pinned to the ground, imagine how serious it is that ‘an engine won’t start, my God!’ What will happen with the planes that experience so many breakdowns? The truth is, every time I ride one, it’s with panic, because I literally live in them and I just know I don’t want to leave this world just yet. May God protect us with your precious blood,” he added.

Finally, Reyes assured that she is grateful for the different opportunities that life has given her to overcome problems, like these, which could have cost her her life.

“It’s the beautiful things in life to live, grateful, for me the truth, yes I’ve been here all morning, but eating empanadas, little juice, sitting on the floor, waiting for our bags to be delivered and grateful because that we are alive, imagine if something had happened to us, no, no, no, we must be grateful, if there is life and health, there is everything”, he concluded.

Marcela Reyes’ fear of not being able to travel because her plane had an engine failure

Before being acclaimed and recognized by her millions of followers, This woman went through difficult times that marked her personal life and built her current personality.

And while there are several family and personal situations the Antioquia woman has flagged on social media, she made a point of summing up her dark past through a video she recently posted to her Instagram account.

In the recording, a girl who plays Marcela Reyes as a child is observed, as he is seen walking around through dark times in the past that kept him from becoming a professional DJ. Later, we remember the birth of his only son, the fight against an illness from which his mother suffered and his fight against the criticism of public opinion.

“Since I was a child, my dreams were bigger than my possibilities. Life hit me hard and I had to rebuild myself in pieces so as not to give up on my destiny. Between laughter and tears, I ‘learned to be strong in the worst times and understood how fragile we were when I saw so much pain in my mother’s eyes,’ is part of what Reyes can be heard saying in the video.

The reactions of those who follow the paisa celebrity were immediate, as they started to gossip about the reason for this production and it is, in the opinion of many, it would be a biographical film that would see the light of day soon.


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