The trendy districts of Liverpool, the city where the Beatles were born

Liverpool was the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous British rock bands. This city became a center of interest from the 60s to the rhythm of Yesterday and The Yellow Submarine by the Beatles. The group took British rock to the next level and since then this city has always had a special charm for its artistic and musical development.

But before that, Liverpool was a city of great importance during the industrial revolution and a key player in international trade from the 18th to the 20th century thanks to its port.

This city has managed to preserve most of its history and unite its different facets over the years in a unique spirit where development and music cohabit in a very special way. This has given rise to the development of very particular neighborhoods that you cannot miss.


A place where art, music and culture are always present, making a perfect combination with independent cafes and vintage clothing stores.

The name of this district comes from the unique buildings that were factories in the 19th century during the boom years of the maritime industry. In these factories ropes for ships were produced. Today it is a meeting point for those looking for independent shops, restaurants and alternative nightlife.

This neighborhood is located between Argyle Street, Renshaw Street, Roscoe Street and Duke Street.

The main street is undoubtedly Bold Street, where you can not only enjoy the architecture and a pleasant walk, but also its bars and restaurants.

If this busty art, in The Bluecoat is a building of 300 years of antiguedad that, in addition to being an architectural preciosidad, it will be able to disfrutar de todo type de arte como exhibitions, literature, music and inclusion baile, donde local artists forman a creative community very special.

And continuing in the creative world, there is a must-see place for lovers of the audiovisual world. FACT, (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) is the epicenter where people, art and technology meet. FACT is an organization that helps to promote and promote artists and innovative techniques in the field of the seventh art and audiovisual.

To experience a venue closely tied to the early days of the Beatles, stop by The Jacaranda, a live music venue founded in the 60s to provide a stage where local artists could get their name out there. A place full of good atmosphere where music, vinyls and good cocktail go together perfectly.

Who doesn’t love discovering secret places? Berry and Rye is an independent whiskey distillery located on Berry Street where you can enjoy a good drink in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. There’s no need to despair if you don’t find yourself at first, it may be that when you walk through the door and you don’t notice it, since it doesn’t even have a sign that says the name ! In fact, in the directions to find them on their website, they do not accept reservations and warn in advance: “Just go upstairs, find the right door, knock and wait for one of us to answer” (” just go walk, find the door on the right, knock on the door and wait for one of us to answer”) Impossible not to arouse curiosity with this invitation!

This neighborhood is all about art and good vibes, but surely you wouldn’t expect to be samba dancing in a church. But in Ropewalks everything is possible. Alma de Cuba has turned a church into a cocktail bar and is a perfect place to put the finishing touches on this neighborhood. Here, the details are not lacking, from the altar to the feather dances, through the chandeliers, the stained glass windows, the fire shows and a very enticing menu.


But the tour of Liverpool’s best neighborhoods didn’t stop there. If you go a little further south (in the direction of Jamaica Street) it is to discover another jewel of Liverpool that does not usually appear in guidebooks: the Baltic Triangle.

London has Shoreditch, New York has Brooklyn and Liverpool has the Baltic Triangle.

This neighborhood is a converted industrial area that has given rise to one of the most original neighborhoods, being today one of the epicenters of the city for new businesses and where you can have a good time.

The brick walls of old factories have been transformed into murals and it is a pleasure to walk through streets full of color and good vibes.

And, an example of good vibes is the Constellations arts center, where outdoor events are held in its garden, concerts, exhibitions in its studio, and events such as a beer fair and photography contests.

Theater and criticism take on a unique importance at the Lantern Theatre, a theater where works related to taboo social issues take place.

And if you’re in the mood for a laugh, there’s no better plan than to drop by Ghetto Golf, where the mini-golf concept is taken to the next level.
Getting to know a new neighborhood always makes you hungry, and here there are all sorts of options, from street food Olympus at the Baltic Market to the best Sunday roast at Dockleaf, to the most authentic Chinese food. in Luban and a punk-style afternoon tea at the Baltic Social.

In short, Liverpool is a city where fun is guaranteed whatever your tastes. Cultural and social plans, unique sights, sea breezes, music of course and the friendliest locals (known as Scousers, the people of Liverpool) in all of the UK. Whether you’re a Beatles fan or not, there are always reasons to visit this city!

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