Balancing vacations at work and waiting for hot water in the shower exhausts our patience

Impatient by nature. This is how a curious study on the importance of immediacy and time management carried out by AliExpress paints a portrait of the Spaniards. According to the survey carried out by the Alibaba Group Marketplace, waiting for hot water to come out of the shower is the daily situation that most irritates Spaniards in their daily lives.

This is closely followed by one of the tasks that takes the most time each year and that annoys the respondents the most: planning a vacation with colleagues. Waiting for coffee to be made in the morning is the third ordinary situation for which waiting for the Spaniard is the most boring. When ordering online, fast delivery is a top priority for today’s consumer, who values ​​speed of service above all else.

When ordering online, fast delivery is a top priority for today’s consumer

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In recent years, immediacy has become the order of the day, but trends have also emerged that are committed to a more relaxed lifestyle. Asked about the concept of ‘slowlife’, more than a third of Spaniards (35%) say they agree with this philosophy and try to apply it in their everyday life.

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However, 60% find it difficult to apply this deceleration in their routine (some say that, due to work, going slow can only be applied on weekends). Only 5% admit that the slowlife rhythm is not their thing, but rather that they prefer speed and immediacy in everyday things.

The endless expectations of technology

The endless expectations of technology

Technology has come to make our lives easier, but it has also brought us micro-expectations that exasperate on the same level as those of analogue. The survey conducted by AliExpress also asked which situations derived from the use of new technologies are the most annoying to expect. First of all, the Spaniards put the loading of a streaming video or film on hold (38%). They follow closely when a web page takes a long time to load after refreshing it (23%) or waiting for mobile to load.

The functions executable on the mobile are transferred to the computer

The functions executable on the mobile are transferred to the computer

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Wasting time vs saving time

Aware of life’s paradoxes, AliExpress asked respondents what situations they consider they waste the most time with. Choosing which series or movie to put on and falling asleep after 2 minutes is the biggest waste of time for 1 in 4 Spaniards. Who hasn’t happened? Other classics like thinking about unfinished business when going to bed or inventing excuses to hang up politely when salespeople call the mobile are the situations that waste the most time indicated by the respondents.

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But, for every waste of time, there is a solution. How are the Spaniards trying to recover these lost seconds? 70% of Spaniards admit to climbing (or running) the escalator to save time. Clearly, the Spaniards have no shortage of ideas for saving time: more than half of respondents skip the intro of the episodes of the series they are watching; more than 40% take the fastest route (even if they have to wander more or change their own route during the trip) or eat breakfast standing up to leave early in the morning; and over 30% are already listening to WhatsApp audio at x1.5 or x2 speed.

What do the Spaniards want?

Pablo Motos in ‘La Resistencia’ or Chanel winner of Eurovision

The impatience of the Spaniards goes further and there are many situations, related to the public sphere, which they hope to take place before the end of the year (and, if possible, as soon as possible). If respondents could choose for anything to happen immediately, it would be to see footballer Joaquín as a commentator in the next edition of Isla de las Tentaciones. And it is that so much talent could not stay in their stories.

Joaquin Sanchez The Ulitma Temptation

Joaquín Sanchez watches ‘The Last Temptation’


And since we also love salsa – it could not be otherwise – after the great stir around it, the second most anticipated situation is to see Chanel win the Eurovision Song Contest as a representative of Spain. Among the priorities of those interviewed would also be to see Pablo Motos as a guest of La Resistencia (and find out how much money he has in the bank).

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