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Alongside the World Expo next fall, a local edition of Oktoberfest promises to cause a stir in Dubai. As in the traditional Munich model, the organizers want to set up beer shops, transport companies and stalls, including German hits and folk music.

It is expected that 620 companies will participate in an area of ​​400,000 square meters. Plans are preliminary, as the event has yet to be officially confirmed.

Organizers are already announcing great deals, like those common in the hugely wealthy emirate. In terms of area and duration, it would be the “largest popular party in the world”, according to a website dedicated to the event, which would take place from October 7 to March 31.

Appearance of the traditional Oktoberfest in Munich, before the pandemic

Records will also be broken for the longest beer bar and tallest beer glass. The organizers expect four million guests per month.

And what about Munich?

Munich’s original Oktoberfest was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, and another cancellation in 2021 seems imminent. Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter addressed the issue on Tuesday: “If we are honest, the hope of having Oktoberfest in Munich this year is getting weaker week by week.”

The official added, “The likelihood that the party will not take place for epidemiological reasons is high.” In a message, however, Reiter clarified that the decision had not yet been made.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has vaccinated around half of its population against the virus. Organizers have promised that “the most modern concepts of hygiene and safety” will be applied at Oktoberfest Dubai.

With a one-year postponement, the World Expo will be held in Dubai from October to March 2022. 190 countries intend to participate under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. This is the first time the Expo has been held in a country in the Arab world.

“There is only one Oktoberfest”

The city of Munich has distanced itself from the project to organize an Oktoberfest in Dubai. There are beer festivals everywhere, Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU), Munich’s economics manager and head of Wiesn, said on Friday. But: “There’s only one real Oktoberfest and that’s in Munich,” Baumgärtner said. “We will examine all legal possibilities to protect our Munich Oktoberfest.” The city also announced in writing: “The organizers of the event in Dubai will not follow the now known plans, neither in the name nor with the agreement of the city of Munich”.

Neither Oktoberfest hosts nor representatives of Munich gastronomy will participate in the organization. “I don’t know anyone who will go,” said Munich Food Industry Association chairman Peter Bausch. Baumgärtner felt that given the current pandemic situation, there is very little chance of Oktoberfest being held in Munich in 2021. However, moving the festival to Dubai is “completely absurd”, he said. he says.

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