FARFETCH recommends the best coffee table books for your home

A coffee table book is a book that goes beyond its content. In addition to giving you crucial information that you often do not find elsewhere, it is a collector’s item but also a decorative one. As the name suggests, these large books often sit on coffee tables or coffee tables and are the easiest way to strike up a conversation when someone comes into your home.

These books are also an essential part of your personality, you can’t have just any coffee table book on your table, you need something that shows who you are, your hobbies, your passions and your style. A coffee table book says a lot more about you than you think.

One of the places you can get the best coffee table books is FARFETCH, which has a large Assouline signature collection, where everything looks good. The married couple, Prosper and Martine, and their sons, Alexandre and Sébastien, are the best luxury librarians in the world. The family has dedicated its life to Assouline table books and its name is, without a doubt, a reference in the world of international fashion. That’s why FARFETCH has given us six essential books.

Uzbekistan: the road to Samarkand

Lose yourself in the fascinating world of Uzbekistan: the road to Samarkand by Yaffa Assouline, with spectacular original photographs by Laziz Hamani. Immerse yourself in the heart of Central Asia, where colossal mountains and wide valleys sleep under a blanket of lush vegetation. Photography, travel and culture enthusiasts will enjoy this silk hardcover edition, which includes over 220 illustrations of a journey through the cities of the ancient Silk Road and the lands of Alexander the Great.

Chic St. Moritz

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Celebrate this elegant tourist destination from home with Chic St. Moritz. Located in Switzerland’s Engadine alpine valley, St. Moritz stands out amidst a sea of ​​famous ski resorts. The creatives and the royal family share ski water Next to the ice rink, they stop for champagne on long walks around the crystal clear lake and enjoy a coffee at the classic Hanselmann.

Writer and Artistic Director Dora Lardelli takes you on a majestic tour of her most special events, from the Winter Olympics to the annual Snow Polo World Cup celebration to the Jazz Festival in summer and the gathering of classic British cars.

FARFETCH Commissioners:

FARFETCH recommends the best coffee table books for your home

Discover the collaboration between Assouline and FARFETCH, and in particular FARFETCH Curators: Designa book that covers everything from new design hotels in Chicago to emerging design capitals like Taipei, Prague and Jakarta.

And don’t forget our two other titles: FARFETCH curators: Art Yes FARFETCH Priests: Food. The evenness of book covers makes them look great when stacked on the table.

Fendi Roma

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To celebrate 90 years of family history, arts and crafts, Fendi Roma traces the history of a brand founded by Edoardo and Adele Fendi in 1925 as a proudly Roman house that over time would come to be run by their five daughters.

We recommend archival photos, editorials and illustrations that pay homage to his 50 years of collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld. It’s a coffee table book for all fashion fans.


FARFETCH recommends the best coffee table books for your home

Typical cuts Bob roaring twenties at the crests punk, Hair is Assouline’s perfect tribute to the history of hairstyles. Renowned stylist John Barrett curates a portfolio of the most symbolic and iconic images that have defined our cultural world.

The style elf Twiggy’s Twiggy embodies the youth of the 1960s, Farah Fawcett’s tousled waves vividly evoke the era of disco and rock. flat top by Grace Jones symbolizes her precursor androgyny. In this table book you will find the inspiration you are looking for.

perforated book

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East coffee table book made in Italy is an ode to Off-White that any fan of the street clothing should have on your living room table. perforated book This is the brand’s photographic dossier inspired by the central themes of the SS20 collection parade.

The leather book is made up of photographs taken by Ivan Ruberto in Paris, who explored the streets of the city and chose 15 Parisian women based on their unique aesthetic, each combining the iconic bag meteor with your own look. An edition for all kinds of creative and visual characters of all ages.

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