Freddy Rincón and his narration, in his own hand, of the historic goal against Germany in the 1990 World Cup in Italy


Freddy Rincon He died on the night of Wednesday April 13, after the serious accident he suffered in the early hours of Monday April 11, during which he suffered severe head trauma. The striker left a legacy in Colombian football after his World Cup performance Italy 90 and be the first coffee producer in the army real Madrid.

One of the most important goals of the ‘Colossus of Bonaventure‘ was scored on June 19, 1990 during the group stage of the World Cup in Italy 90. The striker scored the goal which meant the tie after the game which started with a recovery from Leonel Alvarez and in which the ‘Blessed“Fajardo and Carlos”Child“Valderrama.

In a text written by Freddy Rincon and told by the journalist Raphael Villegaswho kept the document for several years, although he told Infobae that he does not remember where it was published, gives a description of the one he lists “The purpose of my life”. There he recounted his journey for the Colombian national teams, from where he received his first call-up two years before the 1990 World Cup. He recounted the historic goal that went deep inside the net between the legs of Bodo Ilgner.

In addition, he recalled his last match with the tricolor jersey, the Historic 5-0 in the South American Qualifiers heads to the 94 World Cup in the United States and counted down the teams he played in his almost 20 years career as a professional player.

Here is the full text written by Freddy Rincón:

I was never taken into account to integrate the pre-juvenile or junior teams of Colombia, even the 85 team of Marroquín was in the port and they did not notice me. Usually the coaches didn’t come to Buenaventura and the chances of them seeing me fully didn’t exist.

Wilson Díaz, who works in customs, suggested Rafael Pachón bring some players to Santa Fe so we could try; This is how Juan Reyes, Carlos Potes, Edison Cuero and I arrived in the “cardinal” team.

I was called up to the national team for the first time in 1988 to play in the Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada Cup with Uruguay, the Millonarios and Santa Fe. I only played a few minutes against the Millonarios where I was replaced by Carlos Valderrama and against relieved Santa Fe by Jaime Arango. It took almost two years (February 2, 1990) for Professor Francisco Maturana to call me to a friendly match with Uruguay in Miami where we lost 0-2.

I played in all eight friendlies before the 1990 World Cup in Italy, which definitely earned me the starting position in the national team. Jugué en la mitad con el “Bendito” Fajardo, Alexis García, Leonel Álvarez, Bernardo Redín, Gustavo “Mísil” Restrepo, “Chicho” Pérez, “Barrabás” Gómez, Carlos Valderrama y el único que permanecía en la titular en all encuentros It was me.

I played in all four World Cup matches against the United Arab Emirates, Yugoslavia, Germany and Cameroon. Against Germany I scored my first and only goal in a world cup, but it was surely the most important of my life since it qualified us for the next round (for the first and only time), c was against the one who was world champion and set to enjoy throughout the country.

That’s how I remember the game: Leonel Álvarez recovers who passes the ball to Fajardo, this one to Valderrama, it’s Rincón’s turn, Fajardo again, Valderrama receives again who puts a through pass so that I can come in and beat the keeper between the German legs. big goal It was one of the happiest times of my life. Unfortunately the joy was short-lived as one of the biggest frustrations was in the next match with the loss to Cameroon after an error against Roger Milla.

I took part in the Copa América three times: 1991, 1993 and 1995. I participated in the Qualifiers in 1993, 1995/96 and 2000/01. I played in three World Cups: Italy, the United States and France where I didn’t miss a single match (10) and I was replaced only twice, against Yugoslavia in 1990 by Carlos” Gambeta Estrada and in 1998 against Tunisia by Víctor Hugo Aristizábal In addition, I joined the teams that between 1990 and 99 played many friendly matches.

I said goodbye to the national team on October 13, 1999 in the game we lost to Argentina 2-1 in Córdoba. We played with: O. Córdoba, J. González, J. Bermúdez, IR Córdoba, RC Cortés, M. Serna (P. Portocarrero), me, F. Grisales, A. Betancourt (N. Morantes), JP Ángel, H Zambrano (J. Tellez). DT Xavier Alvarez. The Colombian goal was scored by Iván Ramiro Córdoba from the penalty spot.

Without a doubt, my time with the national team has left me with unforgettable moments like the game against Argentina on September 5 (0-5) where we all went out and moments of great bitterness like the death of Andrés Escobar.

I never gave up, I always believed that I had the conditions to wear the national jersey and I spared no effort to prove it. I played 85 games and scored 17 goals. At each meeting, I gave the best of myself with responsibility and professionalism, which I believe is a good example for future generations. Wearing the national jersey is the greatest pride of a footballer, it’s not an easy task, I say it with a certain nostalgia, it’s worth it.

I was born in Buenaventura (valley) on August 14, 1966. I played in Santa Fe and América, 287 games, 76 goals. I played for Naples in Italy, Real Madrid in Spain, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Santos and Cruzeiro in Brazil. Copa Libertadores: America (1991/1993, 34 games, 6 goals). I was an assistant at Mineiro and a technician at Sao Bento and Iraty in Brazil.


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