How do I request an emergency US visa appointment?

You need travel soon a United States but you still don’t understand Visa? The United States Embassy in Mexico allows candidates to avoid the months of waiting to obtain the documentbut only in special cases.

Even if you have paid for flights or reservations, this benefit is not granted for tourist trip or pleasure. It is also not awarded in instances such as weddings, graduation ceremonies, attendance at conferences, or to assist loved ones. “For these types of journeys, plan a visa appointment regulate well in advance,” the State Department said.

If you need the emergency appointment You must provide proof of a valid reason for an unforeseen and urgent trip.

In case you ride does not enter the list of reasons for emergency you will have to wait for the processing times of the Embassy or the Consulate in which you will deal with Visa.

Remember that due to the closures derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, the processing of Visa B1/B2 it is limited and waiting times can reach 567 days in Mexico City, 538 in Monterrey and 700 days in Guadalajara.

Is there a charge for an emergency visa appointment?

The treatment of a emergency appointment There are no additional costs for the applicant. You only have to pay the normal rate of the type of document which is necessary before entering the system to program it.

For example, students applying for the F-visa Hello M They only have to cover the $160 they would pay with a normal procedure.

Cases in which an emergency US visa appointment may be requested

The State Department of United States indicates that the valid reasons for obtaining a emergency appointment for the Visa depend on each country. Here are those authorized in the case of Mexico:

– Demand urgent medical treatment for the person requesting Visa or for a minor child.

– Death, life-threatening accident or serious illness of a direct family member who is United States.

– Need to travel for urgent professional reasons “within 10 days of the first appointment for the Visa available”.

– Require a student visa or exchange with a Form I-20 or DS-2019 with a start date before the appointment to process the document.

– An unscheduled visit of journalistic, political, economic, cultural or sporting interest within 10 days prior to the appointment available for processing the request. Visa.

Can I submit more than one emergency visa appointment request?

In the event that your first request for emergency appointment has been refused, you must attend the appointment initially scheduled.

Generally, the appointment system does not allow more than one application to be submitted. “In very limited cases, the consular section may allow applicants to apply for emergency appointment extra,” says the state department.

You will be able to find out if you are eligible for the second application by reading the second application rejection notice. Visa or by logging in with your account on the site

How to make the emergency appointment for the visa?

First, you normally need to complete Form DS-160, as is required when processing any type of Visa. After paying the fare for your type of VisaEnter the system to make your appointment.

At first, you need to schedule the appointment on a date available in the system that you can attend in case your application is rejected.

Then log back into your account and click on the “request an urgent procedure” option.

When submitting your request, you must specify the reasons why you cannot wait for the normal processing time and then wait for a response.

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