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It’s a great time to shop in the Hamptons. Good for those with tens of millions to spend, of course. This area of ​​beachfront villas 150 kilometers northeast of New York is full of houses facing the sea, where few are worth less than four million euros and the most expensive easily exceed 25 million, according to calculations by the real estate agency. area agencies. Between these characters is the mansion that Marie-Chantal Miller and her husband, Pablo de Grecia, first cousin of King Felipe VI, have just acquired. For her, they paid 15.2 million euros.

The game turned for them. The property cost nearly $25 million in 2009 when it was first put on the market. Then the price went up and down, but now they have managed to get it at the lowest price of all. In other words, 385 Great Plains Road turned out to be a bargain, as revealed by the specialized portal The Real Deal, which filtered the sale.

The property, a five-minute drive from the beach, is virtually inaccessible. From the outside, nothing sets it apart except for a very well maintained bright green hedge and a white wooden picket fence with its perfectly matching mailbox. The house was built in the early 2000s. In its 1,200 meters there are 10 bedrooms and eight bathrooms; outside, you can enjoy a tennis court and a swimming pool. The mansion was owned by Ulla Parker, divorced from Wall Street financial shark Kevin Parker, who was chief financial officer of Deutsche Bank for 15 years and now runs a venture capital fund.

Despite the investment made, it will not be the primary residence of the De Grecia-Millers. The family will continue to live in New York, where they already own an impressive mansion next to the Frick Collection, that is, between 5th Avenue and 70th Street, in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the city. city.

The prince of the ousted monarchy and the daughter of the founder of the duty free nThey met on a blind date in 1992 when she was a student at the New York Academy of Arts and lived with her parents in this 1913 house they have now returned to. In 1995 they got married and moved to London, but a few years ago when their eldest children decided to study in the United States, they all moved back to this empty New York mansion. Then Miller decided to “refresh” it with a famous decorator and good friend, François Catroux, as he told the specialized magazine AD and re-hang on its walls works by Damien Hirst, Juergen Teller or Jean-Michel Basquiat. Although he already has his own home in the town, his eldest daughter, Olympia, the only daughter of five, now 23 and goddaughter of Charles of England, still lives there.

If they wanted to, the family could reside in almost any part of the world, where they have half a dozen exclusive distributed properties. Their headquarters have been in London for years, where they were based in the exclusive area of ​​Chelsea, in a house they still maintain. On its walls hang Andy Warhol’s portraits of Miller, who worked with him as an intern. In the United Kingdom, in addition, they have a house in the countryside, more precisely in the Costwolds green region, in the west of the country. Decorated in a rustic way, it is located on a vast green space visible from its large bay windows. Additionally, they also have another property in Yorkshire with its own private hunting ground. In search of a warmer climate, Pablo and Marie-Chantal that their intimates call by their initials, MC, read emsi– fly to the Bahamas. If they don’t ski in Gstaad in Switzerland at Christmas, they spend their holidays there, in the Harbor Island district.

Born in London and raised in Hong Kong, 51-year-old Miller – who goes by the surname of Greece – is one of the most well-known women in global high society thanks to her exclusive fashion business for children. But also because of her personal relationships with actors, creators and royal families from half of Europe, since her husband is the son of the former king of Greece, Constantine II (brother of Queen Sofia) and his wife, Ana María (in turn sister of Margaret of Denmark). At the beginning of March, she will launch a book of good manners for children which will undoubtedly put her back in the spotlight as much as when she criticized her cousin-in-law, Queen Letizia, after the clash with Queen Sofía at Easter. mass of 2018. And this will help him to increase this enormous heritage which opens the doors to the world to him.

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