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You have a dream: to travel to New York. And one day you take the plunge and decide to do it: buy the tickets, take out travel insurance, book the accommodation and the rest of the steps that I recommend in the post Prepare your trip to New York step by step until that you reach point number 6 in the one I tell you you should organize your daily trips And that’s where you start sweating ink. Don’t worry, here are some Tips for planning a trip to New York and make good use of time.

A simple and very reliable solution is to leave your trip in my hands by hiring my personalized guide service in New York.

Another option is to start reading and surfing the internet (especially this New York blog with great categories like What to see in New York and Essential things to do in New York!) and make your own plans. It will take more time, some headaches and maybe some insecurities when deciding what to see and what to do in New York but, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy doing it too.

In this post you will find:

5 tips for organizing the PERFECT trip to New York

I understand you, your dream is to travel to New York and you want it to be perfect. Of course, you can improvise, go on the go and enjoy the city, but it’s always best to take everything a little on schedule, so you won’t waste time or miss a thing. essential experience.

I’m a mega-organizer and when I plan a trip I make super detailed itineraries from when I get up until I go to bed. Not everyone is like me, but at least keep these 5 tips for planning a trip to New York in mind and you’ll see how to make the most of your visit.

1. Get to know New York: read, search for photos and ask for recommendations

The first thing you need to do to start organizing itineraries for your trip to New York is to start reading. They can be to guide travelling lifelong articles and online guides (I guess if you’ve made it this far, that’s precisely why 🙂 But I recommend you subscribe to my newsletter to download the Guide for free with the 25 Incredibles in New York.

Social networks also help a lot, for me Instagram is a source of inspiration. But forget the postureyou don’t go to New York to take a picture as if you were Carrie Bradshawyou will enjoy it and live it so don’t spend the day waiting to become the influencer.

Instagram ©voyanyc

Some New York accounts that I like the most They are: NYCGO, Gothamist, InstagramNYC, Time Out New York and NewYork Igers.

And not only that, it’s clear that New York is trendy, who doesn’t have a friend, colleague, neighbor or family member who has been on a trip to NY in the last few months? so ask for advice and referrals: what they liked the most, what they liked the least, what they would have changed on their trip, what they did not expect to find,… Nothing better than the experience of others to make your trip to New York perfect.

2. Decide what you want to see in New York [Bucket List Descargable]

Once you’ve read and heard as much about New York as you can, it’s time to start incorporating it into your planning. What do you want to see yes or yes? Surely there are things you don’t want to miss, like the One World Observatory, and others that don’t come with you at all, like the Spy Museum – Spyscape (all respects to professional spies and frustrated spies reading this post).

the best thing is that you do a list with all the places you want to visit in New York. To make it easier for you and that you don’t forget any, here you have this Wishlist with the most TOP places in New York. Just mark the ones that don’t even come to mind to miss them.

What to see in New York

âś” No more marking the screen with the pen, download the free wishlist here.

Once you’ve made the list, it’s time to do the hard part: enjoy your time in New York and see if really with the days you are going to be, you will be able to see everything you have marked on the list. Be realistic, if you’re only going to be 3 days, you can’t score the whole list. It’s good to leave something out This will give you an excuse to come back!

3. Google maps, your best ally for planning routes

Plan by zones to make better use of time. I recommend that you use Google Maps to capture on a map all the places you want to see on your trip to New York. Once you have made the map, it will be very easy for you to see which things are close to each other. Group your trips by neighborhood or by easily accessible areas on public transport in New York.

Dedicate each day or half-day to a neighborhood: Downtown, Midtown, Upper Manhattan. Go another day to Brooklyn and above all, try not to spend all day up and down.

Tours in New York
Google Maps New York ©voyanyc

4. Organize your visits according to the weather

A Tips for planning a trip to New York You have to take into account the time of year. It’s not the same to travel in July than in February. watch out for the coldLike in winter, having a picnic in Central Park, no matter how excited you are, if it’s snowing and it’s -2°C, it’s not the best option. Or the heatin the summer it may not be necessary to get sunstroke at noon while walking along the High Line.

It is also necessary to take into account the daylight hours, in December it gets dark around 4:30 p.m., it is better to leave the afternoon to visit a museum or go shopping and take advantage of the warmer hours of the day to spend outside. Of course, it will depend because if what you want is to see the New York skyline lit up, you’ll have to do the opposite.

5 Book everything in advance, tours, tickets, etc. and avoid the queues!

You now have all the keys to organizing a trip to New York: you know everything there is to see and do in New York, you have a clear list of places not to be missed, you have planned the routes in taking into account the location of places to visit and when to travel, it’s time to move on to the last step. You’ve done a great job and you’ll be spending a lot of time in New York knowing what to do each day of your trip. So why lose it to the box office queue or have to change plans because it can’t find availability?

It’s best to book everything online in advance, from tours and guided tours in New York to tickets to see a Broadway musical.

It is also highly recommended to purchase the New York Sightseeing Pass with which you will have included tickets for all the places of interest in New York. This voucher has many advantages since it has 2 modes of purchase: the number of days or the number of attractions, so it will adapt perfectly to your planning of your trip to New York and to your budget.

Your trip to New York step by step


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