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In the telenovela “Fugitiva» got a lot of attention the character Asiye Kaleli who is characterized by her sincerity, her creativity and her great kindness, in addition to being the wife of Mustafa. She is played by actress Oykü Gürman who also showed her great talent in the world of music by becoming an acclaimed artist in her country, Turkey.

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In the serialfugitive” (“Sen Anlat Karadeniz“, in its original language), you can see important faces in the world of theater in Turkey, as in the case of Irem Helvacıoğlu, Ulas Tuna Astep Yes Mehmet Ali Nuroglu; however, Oyku Gurman in a short time he managed to attract the attention of the public thanks to his great professionalism.

At 39, the actress also has a long musical career, since she started in 2007 in the artistic world with her brother. yuck released their first album titled “Kismet”. Two years later, they come outIki Arada”, reach other countries.

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Öykü Gürman plays Asiye Kaleli in the soap opera “Fugitiva” (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)

He entered the theater world in 2004 when he had a special participation in “Turku Filmi”.

He also participated in productions such as “Panzehir” (2004); “Urfalıyım Ezelden” (2014); “Ask Zamanı” (2015); “Fugitive” (2018); “Gel wishes to ask” (2020); “Bayram Sekeri” (2021). The last soap opera in which Öykü Gürman appears is “Bandırma Füze Kulübü” (2022).

Öykü Gürman also demonstrates his talent as a singer (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)
Öykü Gürman also demonstrates his talent as a singer (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)


In the serialfugitive” the actress Oyku Gurman won the audience’s applause for his role as Asiye KaléliMustafa’s wife.

Oyku Gurman was born on August 4, 1982 in Istanbul (Turkey). The actress has a twin brother named Berk.

In a conversation with Diminutos, she said that when she was little she wanted to be a magician, a violinist or a teacher. “He always imitated and sang. who acted for me“, mentioned.

Öykü Gürman is a well-known actress in her country (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)
Öykü Gürman is a well-known actress in her country (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)

She is currently a well-known actress in Turkey and a singer who has thousands of fans in her country and in different parts of the world.

As a child, she studied at Efda private primary school then enter the Istek Foundation Acıbadem Secondary School. Later he would come Pera Fine Arts High School in 2001. That same year, she decided to take violin and singing lessons at the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory.

As part of his musical career, Oyku Gurman It is characterized by the mixture of Mediterranean and Arabic musical elements. For a few years he participated with his brother yuck in a musical duet and became famous for the video for the song “Evlerinin Önü Boyalı Direk”.


  • Bir Baska (2011)
  • Ruya Bitti (2015)


  • Yalan Gozlerin – 2011
  • Badem ve Öykü Gürman – Değişmem ‎(CD, Single, Promo) – 2012
  • Nem Alacak Felek Benim ‎(File, MP3, Single) – 2014
  • Düşün Beni ‎(File, AAC, Single, 256) – 2018
  • Koliva & Öykü Gürman – Ay Işığı ‎(File, AAC, Single, 256) – 2019
Öykü Gürman on stage (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)
Öykü Gürman on stage (Photo: Öykü Gürman / Instagram)


During an interview broadcast by the portal ten minutes, the actress Oyku Gurman talks about the success of the telenovela »fugitive» where he plays Asiye Kaléli.

In this sense, he was asked about the relationship between Asiye with mustafa and indicated that he likes this union even if the man (Mustafa) is sometimes not very romantic.

A genuine man should be fair, honest, respectful and protective of the family. Luckily I have one like him in my real life“, he expressed.

He also stated that he likes the role of Asiye and even clarified that she and her character are equally loving, loyal, and honest, but they don’t tolerate injustice and always help those who are hurting.

Finally, he assured that he really enjoyed being at home, cooking, reading, taking walks and doing pilates.

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