The Miracle of Light is presented in Italy and Spain

The poetic journey of the book The miracle of light (Il Miracolo Della Luce) by the Dominican writer John Columbusopened doors in different cities in Italy and in Madrid, Spain when it was presented.

The presentation of this work took place in the presence of the ambassador of the Dominican Republic in ItalyTony Raful.

The activities for the presentation of this book were sponsored by the organization Uniting Roots, the International Poetry Festival of Milan, the Institute of Dominicans Abroad (Hint), as well as the incorporation of other entities, obtained from the beginning important achievements.

The Bruno Salvadori Regional Library recorded, edited and uploaded to the platform of Youtube the complete recital where he presented the poems of John Columbus.

When the Dominican author arrived in Aosta Valleywas interviewed in Italian, assisted by a translator, in which he read one of his poems, and by the testimony of Miguelina Balderaof Uniendo Raíces, this intervention motivated a cultural group to ask the station for a weekly slot for poets.

In Milan, the restaurant management Carlo Al Navigliowas the stage to present the poetic work “El Milagro de la Luz”, and with a toast the whole audience was entertained.

There was a notable presence of Latin Americans: Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador. As well as the support and collaboration of the Consul General of the Dominican Republic in this city, Arlen Peña del Orbe.

Meanwhile, during an honor dinner given by the journalist Norma Pigmandirector of the magazine Mujer Latina, the Italian lawyer Antonia Provence next to the Dominican Janet Bautistawere so moved by the poems in the book that they burst into tears.

In Venice, the author of the collection of poems arrived accompanied by the journalist Daniel Followrecognized as Italy’s most influential Latino communicator, as well as community activist Nury Vilorio and for Grace Saezactress, businesswoman and organizer of the Milano Golden Fashion.

The presentation of the book took place at CA FOSCARI University, and in the afternoon at the Acuarius restaurant, here the Dominican artist Natividad Brito received poetry with the presentation of merengue and bachata dances, with dancers from different nationalities.

The 9-page preface was prepared by Professor Susanna Regazzoni.

Italian businessman Massimiliano Bonini He was kind enough to offer the tour members a ride through the heavenly canals of Venice, until he showed them the factory and the manufacturing process of Murano, in the Simone Zenedetic factory.

The SPEZIA, place in Italy where Dominicans constitute the largest group of immigrants, those responsible for the organization were: The Association of Dominicans of the SPEZIA, chaired by the community leader Maria PeraltaMartha Herrera and the entire management team HINT.

In the SPEZIA, A very emotional lady from the recital has publicly stated that poetry has given her the desire to fall in love again.

Journalist Mónica Cavache came from Genoa to attend the recital and interview the author of Miracle of Light and other personalities who attended the event.

In this presentation, the author of the book was accompanied in Venice by Nury Vilorio, Daniel Sigua, director of the press agency TCG News Italia, also by Graciela Saez: actress, film producer and organizer of Milano Golden Fashion.

The exclusive Savoy Hotel in Rome was the scene of the launch of the Miracle of Light, with a large participation of Italian, Dominican and other nationalities personalities.

The tour in Italy ended with a meeting with the Honorable Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Italy, poet and intellectual Tony Rafulas well as with the writer Juan Colón and the editor and translator Milton Fernández.

Other people have requested this recital in cities like Genoa, Naples, Florence, etc.

In this beautiful city of Rome, the presentation was coordinated by the cultural group Erediana Roma; led by Rosmery López, Juana Lebrón, Jacobo Arnaud and on behalf of the Dominican Embassy in Rome, Fanny Gómez and the enthusiastic presence of cultural attaché Luisa Auffant.

The tour ended on the 12th in Madrid, with a masterful exhibition of the poet and the intellectual Daniel Tejadawith the reading of his poetry by a dozen poets of various nationalities and the presence of a delegation composed of Maria del Carmen ArandaVice-President of the North American Academy of Modern International Literature, Chapter of the Kingdom of Spain, as well as the President and Vice-President of this Academy in Argentina, MM. Yamila Silvero and Lucas Ariel Ramos, respectively.

This activity was coordinated by ACUDEBI, together with the collaboration of Roberto Jimenez. In addition, a dozen Spanish poets and from other nations have read his poems.

The act ended with the recitation of poems from the wonder of lightfrom the voice of the author himself, and some questions from the public present and via Zoom where was it live streamed

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