The United States maintains its restrictions on the entry of travelers via the Delta variant

The United States will maintain current travel restrictions to enter the country in the face of rising infections with the Delta variant of the coronavirus, which has caused a sharp rise in cases locally. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday that the US government’s intention is to maintain the current measures.

PSAKI recalled that the Delta variant is spreading in the country and in the rest of the world, and in the case of the United States, it has caused a new wave that mainly affects unvaccinated people, and which they hope to continue in the coming weeks. .

Covid lockers at Newark airport in New Jersey



EU countries opened the door to American tourists – either vaccinated or tested negative – in mid-June

Although European Union countries have already decided in mid-June to reopen their own borders to Americans, as long as they are fully vaccinated against covid or give a negative diagnostic test, the United States has kept its borders closed for over a year. .anus.

Canada has also decided to reopen its border as of August 9 for US citizens and permanent residents living in the United States with a full vaccination schedule.

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Given this, and after the EU lobbied the White House to seek reciprocity in the entry of travellers, Joe Biden’s government – which has open working groups with the EU, UK United, Canada and Mexico – undertook to evaluate a change that this Monday, and for now, releases due to the expansion of the Delta variant.


The US government plans to recover the mask inside

On the other hand, PSAki considered it normal that the American health authorities maintain an “active” discussion on the measures to be taken, including the possibility of reclaiming the use of the mask indoors, according to the main government epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci admits that this possibility is considered.

In any case, the spokeswoman stressed that the government will make decisions according to the recommendations of its scientific and health officials, always according to “the data” and not as a political decision.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) established in May that the fully vaccinated population in the United States could go without a mask most of the time, even if they are in enclosed spaces or with a large group of people.

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Beatrice Navarro

US opens door for vaccinated people to stop wearing masks outside

But this Sunday, Fauci has already admitted that he is now considering recommending those vaccinated to wear the mask again, given a rise in infections that is taking the country “in the wrong direction”. What remains mandatory in the country until September is the use of masks on planes.

Asked if the administration is considering extending this rule to the Delta variant, Psaki declined to provide details on the internal debate, but said the CDC is working on rules that will serve as a guide for the public and to airlines.


White House continues to urge vaccination: ‘Data shows that if you are vaccinated, you are protected and very unlikely to get sick’

As for Fauci’s comments that the country is heading in the wrong direction, Psaki attributed them to the fact that there is still a good portion of the population that is still unvaccinated. The spokeswoman added in this regard that we must be “responsible” with the data and remember that 97% of hospitalizations in recent weeks correspond to unvaccinated people.

“The data continues to show that if you are vaccinated you are protected and you are very unlikely to get sick or be hospitalized,” he added.

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For mandatory vaccination of healthcare professionals

In the same appearance, Psaki said on the other hand that he supported the request of the health organizations that the vaccination is obligatory among the health professionals, but recalled that the CDC does not give orders but rather recommendations.

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