This fire did not occur in “military vaccine depots” in Italy

A video circulating on social media shows the floor of a building on fire. Water hoses are seen being used in an attempt to put out the fire, while several people speak in Italian.

Those who shared the 11-second clip claimed it was of the burning down of a military warehouse with COVID-19 vaccines; They also pointed out that the incident was caused after compulsory inoculation was ordered in Italy; but this is false, in reality this fire took place in an Italian police headquarters in Rome and its origin is not related to the measures against COVID-19.

One of the most popular posts of this video taken out of context on Twitter, has over 652,000 reproductions and quotes: “Italy: A military warehouse containing vaccines caught fire after compulsory vaccination was ordered for the army and other services (sic)”.

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It has nothing to do with vaccines.

The video taken out of context has the watermark “”, which is an online Italian newspaper.

when searching in Youtube this same medium, it was possible to locate the original video titled: “Rome: the fire camp of the Carabinieri of Tor di Quinto” (Rome: fire at the Tor di Quinto police station).

In the description it is stated that it is the building of the Lazio regiment at the police headquarters and adds that “it remains to be clarified whether the fire started from the offices or from the accommodation”.

This information was also published in the website from innews24 on December 15, 2021. The note adds that the Italian Carabinieri School of Weapons is located in the Salvo D’Acquisto Police Barracks.

Likewise, other Italian media reported on the fire. Rome today details that the flames destroyed one of the rooms where soldiers were staying. He also described how a young carabinieri escaped through one of the windows to escape the fire and suffered an ankle injury, costing him admission to Sant’Andrea Hospital.

The stamp He also mentions that the fire would have affected the upper floor of the building of the Ninth Rifle Regiment and that it is a “historic” barracks.

Additionally, we look in the tool Google Street View, the Salvo D’Acquisto police barracks. We found that the structure of the building matches the infrastructure shown in the video of the fire.

We found no reports or evidence linking the fire to a vaccine store.

Compulsory vaccination in Italy

The Italian government has passed a decree making it compulsory for all workers to have a “green pass” or COVID certificateshowing that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine or that they have transmitted the disease.

The green certification, or green pass, is the tool that allows you to move around, use public transport and access workplaces, schools, universities, health centres, clubs offering catering and hotel services.

If he does not agree to be vaccinated, the worker will have to undergo a diagnostic test every two days, which will be materialized by the “green pass”.

With this, the vaccine becomes practically mandatory, since it is a requirement to work and access closed places.

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In conclusion: According to reports, the fire of this fire broke out in the Salvo D’Acquisto carabinieri barracks in Rome, in one of the rooms used to house soldiers, and in none of the notes reporting the incident it does not is mentioned or linked to the event with a “military depot” of coronavirus drugs.

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