Why does Ana Mena take part in the San Remo festival to represent Italy at Eurovision?

duecentomila pray is the song with which Ana Mena wants to represent Italy in Eurovision 2022. The artist from Malaga 24 years participate in the San Remo festival, which takes place from February 1 to 5, to become the Italian voice of the Turin event, location of the competition this year.

This is not a plan B for Benidorm Fest. The interpreter of light music announced its participation in the musical event on December 5, four days before the announcement of the 14 candidates for the Spanish competition. Her name was one of the first 11 to be revealed, becoming the first non-Italian artist to enter this competition in the past seven years.

It does with the above duecentomila pray, which in the first semi-final obtained the worst evaluation of the jury. He was in 12th position.

But why did Ana Mena join the San Remo festival to represent Italy?

Ana Mena and her links with Italy

Ana Mena It has many links with Italy, and there is a direct link with the San Remo festival. She herself explained it this way before going on stage at the Ariston Theater in the first serataname of the semi-final on February 1.

As a child, I watched the Sanremo Festival on television with my parents and this scene it was a distant dream. today i sing duecentomila pray for the first time and it still doesn’t feel right to me,” the artist wrote, sharing several photos of herself before the date.

To this it must be added that career and professional success of Ana Mena is closely linked to Italy. The artist has been sweeping Italy for four years during his first collaboration with Fred de Palma. The song Of estate is not worth achieved number 1 in Italy and was the starting point of a successful career. The following, he lit up, also with Fred de Palma. The song exceeds 75 million views on YouTube.

These collaborations were followed by those of Ana Mena Yes Rocco Hunta solid duo with hits like an unexpected kiss Yes One step from the moon. Hunt, winner of the San Remo festival in 2014, is also co-author of Duocentomile prayin which Federica Abbate and Stefano Tognini also worked.

The third Italian with whom he has collaborated is Federico Rossiwho he released the song with in October Sun and sea.

Ana Mena and her house in Milan

Ana Mena’s relationship with Italy reaches the point that The malagueña took up residence in Milan in October. “I’m going to be there for many months, although I’m going to come and go,” he said in an interview of his move.

“We are preparing a project, I hope we can wrap it as a disc in Italian because it’s been four years since we made songs in Italy with Italian artists, the truth is that the reception from the public was from the first minute, which I did not expect, it was impressive “, he detailed in an interview about his new job.

Your relationship with Málaga footballer Brahím Díazthe AC Milan footballer with whom many media have linked her since in February 2022 they were surprised together by Madrid.

Ana Mena and her chances at the Sanremo festival

Ana Mena’s bad position after the first serata of the San Remo festival does not exclude him from Eurovision. The singer must face three more tests.

On Thursday, February 3, he faces the third will be. In this phase of the contest, the Spaniards and the other 24 participants act again and receive on this occasion the televoting evaluation and a demographic jury. The score is added to the one received during the previous performance.

After that, on Friday February 4, the 25 hopefuls of winning the San Remo festival meet at the fourth serata. They must cover a classic song from Italian music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Ana Mena will make a potpourri that she has not yet revealed.

In this one fourth serata, the points come from the press vote, the demographic jury and the televised vote. Each of these valuations account for a third party.

During the final on Saturday 5, the fifth seratathe 25 act again and receive the odds of the televote, which are weighted with the previous votes. The top three overall face a final vote that proclaims the overall winner and distributed like Friday: a third of the press, a third of the demographic jury and a third of the televote.

Here’s how voting is structured in San Remo

  • Tuesday: 12 artists, 100% press room (33% written press, 33% radio, 33% digital)
  • Wednesday: 13 artists, 100% press room (33% written press, 33% radio, 33% digital)
  • Thursday: 25 artists, 50% televoting and 50% demoscopic panel
  • Friday: 25 artists, 34% televoting, 33% demographic panel, 33% press room
  • Saturday: 25 artists, 100% televoting
  • Super final: 3 artists, 34% televote, 33% demographic panel, 33% press room

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