5 favorite beaches to visit this Holy Week and Easter

Connecting with tourist places is the wish of most people, after a two-year lockdown due to the contingency that caused the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Teresa Solís, expert in the sustainable tourism industry and regional development at Deloitte Mexico, “tourists are looking for leisure, because after almost two years spent at home – within the framework of social confinement, the need is made every day. clearer way to socialize and spend quality time in a destination What travelers are looking for are places with sun and beach above all, but there has also been a push towards smaller towns, with an offer of spaces natural or rural.

Mexico is ready to receive national and international travelers and although “the holidays are a time expected to rest and relax, sometimes it happens that the very organization of the trip and the lack of knowledge of the places, especially in terms of mobility, can turn it into a stressful experience, even before you get to the intended place,” says Barsi Luna, co-founder and CEO of Shuttle Central, one of the leading national and international travel mobility companies .

It is important that when selecting the places you consider which are those that offer you a trip of excellence, a unique experience and that allow you to travel as a tourist, but to move as if you were a local of the place you have selected, thanks to the excellent existing mobility. For this, we leave you with what we consider the best beach destinations in Mexico that have these characteristics:

Riviera Maya: If you are visiting this place for the first time, you will be amazed, not only by the beauty of visiting the Mexican Caribbean, but also by the number of places you can go to in this tourist area: Cancun, Playa del Carmen , Tulum , Chichen Itzá, Sian Ka’an, among others, make this region one of the most important tourist corridors internationally; It has beaches, cenotes, islands, ecological parks or enjoy the nightlife. We recommend that you look for the best ground transportation companies that allow you to get to and from the airport, to be able to move around efficiently and thus visit all possible places as if you were a resident of this region, no matter if it’s your first time.

Nuevo Vallarta beaches. Photo: special

Riviera Nayarite: It should be noted that it is a fashionable place, a place that is chosen by travelers who seek to be in contact with nature and an important culture. You can consider Nuevo Vallarta as the center of operations for your vacation so you can move around these places in the region later; Whether you visit the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta or its small towns like Bucerías, known for its local market; We recommend that you visit Punta Mita with its remarkable seaside resorts, Sayulita officially considered a magical town whose style is characterized by being bohemian and with remarkable elegance. If your desire is to surf, do not forget to visit San Pancho or visit the beaches of Rincón de Guayabitos. Don’t forget to create a travel itinerary for those places that stand out for having different sights in the same region.

The caps. Photo: special

The headings: One of the destinations desired by domestic, but more international tourists is Los Cabos, since thanks to its ideal location, it offers a number of experiences to visit, making it an ideal vacation spot; Among its main places that you must visit are:

The Cabo San Lucas Arch, a famous arch-shaped rock formation located at the southern tip, is also an amazing place to snorkel. In Cabo Pulmo National Park you will find secluded beaches, mountainous areas and the only natural coral reef on the west coast of North America. We recommend visiting Playa del Amor, an iconic beach located at the end of the Earth, at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez meet. The geography of this place allows for experiences such as sailing on a sailboat, diving, AVT tours, ziplining or camel riding. Note that Los Cabos is home to one of the 5 most diverse ecosystems on the planet, a mixture of desert and sea that makes it a heavenly antagonistic destination.

Huatulco located on the coast of Oaxaca. Photo: special

Huatulco Berries: Huatulco, located on the coast of Oaxaca, is characterized by its nine bays, offering natural settings that allow alternative tourist activities, extreme sports and ecotourism. Certainly don’t arrive without a roadmap that allows you to streamline how you will need to navigate this area; use local transport by which you can get around; There are travel agencies, airlines or hotel companies that offer you the option of renting local or airport transportation that will definitely solve the way to get around places like this because you don’t necessarily have to walk from one bay to another.

Don’t forget that Huatulco is also a place of music festivals, museums, international events, archaeological sites, waterfalls, rivers and national parks.

Acapulco. Photo: special

Acapulco: It is considered a key territory for the mexican tourism for a long time, since it has been a favorite place for Mexicans and foreigners. There are various activities you can do in this wonderful place. We suggest you start with a tour of the beaches and the city of Acapulco and a good recommendation is that you have mapped the places that you can visit more serenely. Among the places you can visit you will find: La Chapelle de la Paix as one of the must-sees where you can spend a quiet moment admiring a full view of the bay, since it is located in the highest part of El Guitarrón hill.

Another place that we recommend you visit, without a doubt, is the broken, a classic 45-meter high cliff, an icon that identifies and makes famous this place where Acapulco divers jump into the sea at sunset. Fort San Diego is considered the most important maritime fortress in the Pacific and is located in the heart of old Acapulco. The cathedral and Zócalo of Acapulco, built in 1930, are distinguished by their Byzantine style; Papagayo Park is an ecological reserve that you should visit if you are planning a vacation with children, this area is home to a diversity of flora and fauna that allows you to perform a series of outdoor activities.

Punta Diamante is the perfect place to take a luxury and exclusivity tour in this destination, so if you are looking to arm yourself with a much more exclusive vacation, this is the best place to do it with a variety of gourmet dishes, a first class accommodation and the most prestigious shops.

El lugar que escojas para tomar estas vacaciones será la plus experiencia siempre y cuando planifiques, vita sorpresas y no pagues más por servicios que puedes conseguir mucho más baratos, con excelentes servicios con el propósito de viajar con comfort, seguridad y con presupuestos ajustados a tu estimate. Remember that today, thanks to technology, you can get integrated services, transport to move around and generate the best mobility to your destination, door to door.


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