Alondra was wanted by her family, not the authorities

Alondra, the daughter of the municipality of Cuajinicuilapa, Guerrero, murdered in a neighboring community in the state of Oaxaca, she was wanted by her relatives and not by the authorities after her disappearance.

Alondra’s body was found in the community of San Juan Bautista Lo de Soto, adjacent to this area of Little Coast of Guerrero with Oaxaca.

According to Cuajinicuilapa City Council authorities, Alondra witnessed a cockfight on Saturday April 9 at eight o’clock in the evening.

Fighting fights between roosters are seen in this Afro-Mexican area as a family sport.

The version of the minor’s relatives indicates that Alondra went to a religious activity on the occasion of the beginning of Holy Week.

San Juan Bautista Lo de Soto, Oaxaca is 30 minutes from Cuajinicuilapa, which is also an Afro-Mexican area.

The official report of the town hall of Cuajinicuilapa assures that the relatives never filed a complaint for the disappearance of the minor with the direction of public security of the town hall.

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Authorities say it was Alondra’s relatives who told them she was found in San Juan Bautista de Lo de Soto.

The Attorney General of Oaxaca has integrated a preliminary investigation for the crime of femicide.

The minor lived in Río Churubusco Street, in the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood, in Cuajinicuilapa.

At the request of the group of citizens managers of this city, the municipal authorities donated the land where the pantheon was buried yesterday, Wednesday at one o’clock in the afternoon.

The minor’s family has limited economic resources.

Through official pages, Governor Evelyn Salgado and the authorities of the Cuajinicuilapa City Council condemned the minor’s femicide.

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“On behalf of the state government, I strongly condemn the femicide committed in the coastal region of Oaxaca against a minor in the municipality of Cuajinicuilapa.”

“I have instructed the Guerrero District Attorney’s Office to respectfully cooperate with its Oaxaca counterpart in the investigations from a cross-cultural and gender perspective,” the state president wrote.

There are 26 women murdered in 2022

Marina Reyna Aguilar, president of the Guerrero Association Against Violence Against Womendemanded that the Alondra feminicide not go unpunished as dozens of cases remained in Guerrero, one of 18 states that nationally has Gender-Based Violence Alert. In the case of Guerrero, there are two alerts.

He said it was unacceptable that Cuajinicuilapa City Council authorities published in their police report that the missing and murdered minor was “devoted to vagrancy”.

“The authorities of Cuajinicuilapa justify their inability to respond to the protocol actions that they must implement when there is a report of the disappearance of a person, in this case a minor”, he said. denounced.

“They justify themselves by saying ‘it’s that Alondra gave rise to what happens to her’, that is to say that women have to act in a certain way so that nothing happens to us, no, all women must have the same security”, lament.

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The activist said that with this notice issued by the Cuajinicuilapa City Council, she says Alondra was responsible for her disappearance and murder.

All three levels of government must assume their responsibility to protect women and girls, she stressed.

“State, federal and municipal governments don’t because it’s very easy to blame and that way they escape responsibility.”

Reyna Aguilar claimed with Alondra’s case that they are already 25 murders of women with characteristics of femicide so far this year in Guerrero.

Seven months after the entry into office of the 81 mayors of this entity, all the municipalities have not installed systems for the management, prevention and eradication of violence against women.

Law 553, which provides for actions for women’s access to a life without violence, establishes that after a municipal authority takes office, it must put in place these protocols.

“But many mayors and mayors of Guerrero have not installed these protocols despite the fact that they have already been in office for seven months,” accused Reyna Aguilar.

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