“Everything is more expensive and you have to plan the trip in advance”

In the Delicias train station in Zaragoza There is a constant movement of travelers with suitcases this Holy Wednesday, on the eve of the great exodus that is taking place in Holy Week each year and which has been conditioned by the two years of confinement of the coronavirus.

The transfer reveals that once mobility restrictions have been lifted, the terminal is regaining its normal pulse in one of the most important holiday periods of the year.

However, 2022 is a special year, because Despite full freedom of movement, prices have become so expensive, including transport and accommodation, that many families have problems moving from holidays at an affordable price for your pockets.

Pablo and his wife go to Cambrils to spend Holy Week. ANDREEA VORNICU

An apartment in Cambrils

“The general price increase is quite noticeable,” says Constanza, who comes from Zaragoza and is about to take the AVE to Madrid and, from there, to Lisbon, his holiday destination.

“You have to look for alternatives and travel over time because everything is more expensive, from food to transport tickets,” he explains.

To travel to the capital of Portugal for a price adjusted to his budget, he started looking for offers a month and a half ago, because he knows that at Easter, whatever the economic situation, everything tends to become more expensive, even temporarily.

For pabloon the other hand, the increase in housing prices is not a problem. “We have had an apartment in Cambrils for at least 30 years and we go there to spend our holidays, so we don’t need to go to hotels”, comment. As for the trip to the beach, he believes that the increase in fares will not affect him either, since, being retired, he has the so-called golden card.

Family from La Palma, in the Canary Islands, who came to discover Aragon. ANDREEA VORNICU

Cheap hotels in Zaragoza

“Holidays are not more expensive than in other years,” says Abigaíl, from the island of La Palma, in the Canary Islands and travels to Pamplona with her parents and Fernando, her husband. They have been in Zaragoza for a while, but they consider that housing prices are not expensive in the Aragonese capital.

“To be a city center, it didn’t seem expensive to me,” says Fernando. “We were in a hotel in the old town and with breakfast included it came to 65 euros a night, which is pretty good,” he says.

In fact, the price increase is not generalized. Some companies preferred not to pass on the increase in electricity in their tariffs, in order to attract customers and not lose those they already have. For hoteliers, it is a question of finding a balance that allows them to recover or maintain the income they obtained before the crisis in Europe due to the war in Ukraine.

Constanza travels to Lisbon via Madrid, as there is no direct flight. ANDREEA VORNICU

most expensive buses

“This year everything is more expensive,” explains Pilar, who is going on vacation with two sons, a daughter and her mother, first to Huesca and then to Peñíscola. And as an example, he gives the price of the bus from Huesca, which until recently “did not reach eight euros” and is now close to nine.

“I don’t think the holidays will cost me more, because I’m going to my sister’s and the accommodation will be cheap,” jokes Ana, who is going to Bilbao and then to Toulouse.

As for the price of the buses, he maintains that it is “the same as always”, so this factor did not influence the decision to make the trip.

Pilar, with her mother and children, waiting for the bus to Peñíscola. ANDREEA VORNICU

But not everything happens on holiday in Zaragoza. The city is also receiving tourism, more and more every year, thanks to its excellent location, promotional campaigns and the fact that with the end of the coronavirus, congresses and sports championships are continuously organized.

Reasonable prices in Spain

This is the case of a Puerto Rican family that he is at the station and that he is about to take the train. “For us, prices in Spain are at a reasonable level, despite the inflationthat affects all countries,” says Jean Charlesthis is the second time he has come here with his wife and two young daughters.

Ana goes first to Bilbao and then to Toulouse. ANDREEA VORNICU

Ferdinand Gascaleft to say goodbye to a loved one, explains that his plan to go on vacation by plane to a European city has failed. “I wanted to fly to Paris, but when I saw the prices it was 200 euros and it seemed expensive to me”, To explain. “I think I messed something up because flights change prices from day to day,” he adds.

Additionally, Gasca says he has had bad experiences and no longer trusts cheap flights. “As soon as I see that they are worth 85 euros or something like that, I imagine that surely they make many stopovers and that I spend hours and hours sitting on the plane and I want to,” he says. This is why he assures us that he prefers to wait until May, the low season, “to be able to travel without rushing and without paying more than necessary”.

Movement at Delicias station last Wednesday. ANDREEA VORNICU

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