Final Four Nations League: place, dates, selections, format, when it is played and how it works

In November 2020, on the 11th, Spain received Germany at La Cartuja with only one possible result, victory. He got it, and how. A resounding 6-0 more worthy of the traces of a Grand Slam than a clash between two of the most powerful teams on the planet. Morata, Rodri, Oyarzabal and Ferran Torres triple they performed the mannschaft. A set that puts La Roja straight into the Nations League Final Fourwith eleven points, by the nine of the Germans and the six of Switzerland and Ukraine, which complete Group 4.

The other three groups1, 2 and 3, from League A of the League of Nations (remember that there are relegations in League B, the last of each group, and a rise in A, the first), they also had three champions titanic: Italy, Belgium and Francerespectively. The most pleasant of all roads was for the Belgianswho finished five points ahead of Denmark and England (15-10), Iceland going down with a donut in their locker. The Azzura beat the netherlands (12 points to 11), Poland (7) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2). While Mbappé, Pogba and company (Benzema had yet to receive a buyout) would do the same with current champions Portugal (16 points to 13), Croatia (9) and Sweden (5).

Selections who play the Nations League Final Four

As we expected, Spain, Italy, Belgium and France will determine who will succeed Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal, top scorer of the last edition, and Bernardo Silva, best player, who beat the Netherlands against a Frenkie de Jong who received the prize for the best young player of the tournament. Whoever wins, it wouldn’t be a surprise, since they are four of the most powerful teams in planet football.

Italy Shield/Flag

Italy, for being champions of the European Championship and having played 37 games without defeat, left with a slightly more preferential cartel despite the losses. But only the penalties deprived Spain of eliminating them in the semi-finals of the last Euro. while The Blueswith Mbappé, Benzema, now yes, Griezmann or Pogba have, perhaps, the most starry constellation. Belgium, for its part, has spent years yearning for everything, but tends to stay on almost nothing in later rounds. Getting the best Hazard back will be key as no one doubts De Bruyne or Lukaku fireproof and in top form.

Shield/Flag France

As for ours, the initial doubts during the European Championship were buried as the competition progressed. Later, the European semi-finals would be followed by Olympic silver, with a team full of “absolute” players or those with the potential to be. However, injuries left Luis Enrique’s call affected, which could not count on Morata, Gerard Moreno, Dani Olmo, Carlos Soler, Gayà, Jordi Alba, Sergio Canales or, at the last minute, Marcos Llorente or Brais Méndez. Thus, we will see a selection full of potential, talent and, again, the occasional unknown.

Nations League Final Four venue, format and dates

The Final Four will take place in Italy, between Wednesday October 6th and Sunday October 10th, in a classic format of semi-finals, finals and match-ups for third and fourth place. The draw for the crosses took place on December 3, 2020, after knowing the four classifieds. Italy and the Netherlands and Poland asked to host the Final Four, all members of Group 1, I feel the transalpine federation is the winner, when Mancini’s men finished first in the group. A) Yes, Milan and Turin will share the matches as follows :

Belgium Shield/Flag

Semi-final 1 (Wednesday 6 October): Italy – Spain (8:45 p.m., San Siro, Milan)

Semi-final 2 (Thursday 7 October): Belgium – France (8:45 p.m., Juventus Stadium, Turin)

Match for third place (Sunday 10 October): loss in semi-final 1 – loss in semi-final 2 (3:00 p.m., Juventus Stadium)

End (October 10): Winner of semi-final 1 – winner of semi-final 2 (8:45 p.m., San Siro)

Relationship to Qatar 2022 World Cup qualification

Reaching that Final Four has already had a price for the lucky foursince in the draw for the qualifying phase for the World Cup in Qatar there is, in its own right, framed in four of the five groups of five members, for the six who have the rest. This is the first of the advantages. The other will be used, as long as they are not in the top ten who qualify directly for Qatar.

The playoffs will consist of the ten seconds plus the top two Nations League group champions who did not obtain their direct classification. Thus, if Spain, Italy, France or Belgium died in the group stage and did not finish in the top two of their group, they would play the playoffs in the same way.

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