from “the other” to future queen

Time is usually not the best friend of people of a certain age, but Camila is an exception. At least, as far as its acceptance is concerned. Now, at 74, she is far more popular than she was seventeen years ago, when she married Charles in Windsor Town Hall, with minimal pomp and circumstance as they were both divorced. And let’s not say that when she emerged as “the other,” the lover who helped blow up the crown prince’s marriage to Diana, the village princess Yes queen of hearts .

The fact that it has been announced that she will be queen consort (not mere consort) when her husband takes the throne has neither surprised nor angered British subjects, 55% of whom agree that she should receive this title, and only 28% oppose it. Camila and Carlos are seen as a consolidated senior couple who understand and love each other. The rottweiler From two and a half decades ago, she is now a discreet and pleasant lady, with an interesting conversation, a hard worker, who knows how to take her place in the always complex hierarchy of the Windsors.

England’s Princes Charles and Camilla walk the red carpet at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam


The queen and public opinion thank him for his fidelity and recognize that he has made Carlos more human and closer

Because basically, in the British royal family, everything is a matter of hierarchy. Above all, Queen Elizabeth, whose fragility and mortality are more evident every day (a few months ago she was admitted to hospital, now it is not officially said if she has Covid, as it is the case of Carlos and Camila herself). Then the Prince of Wales, whose charitable foundation is currently under investigation for alleged preferential treatment, as a transitional figure until William is king and Catherine is queen.

This is why it is the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who will be touring the Caribbean in an attempt to boost the image of the monarchy and prevent other countries from following Barbados’ example and abandoning the Queen to the head of state. And those who take part in the stellar acts and appear on the front pages of the newspapers.

Carlos and Camila on their wedding day, April 9, 2005.

Carlos and Camila on their wedding day, April 9, 2005


When Camila married Carlos in 2005, eight years after Diana’s death, few bet she would one day be accepted as queen. Very present in the collective consciousness was the regret of the unfortunate princess that her marriage never had a chance “because there were three people in it”.

But time heals wounds and changes everything, and most Britons have come to the conclusion that Camila has made Carlos better, warmer, more human, more approachable, calmer, more balanced. An idea that Queen Elizabeth herself shares (she has never had a particularly close relationship with her first-born son, who until relatively recently did not live up to what his parents expected of him, while Andrés, on the other hand, served as the monarch’s right eye).

That the Queen has expressed her “sincere wish” for Camilla to be Queen Consort when Charles takes the throne is something that has been seen coming since the Duchess of Cornwall was given the exclusive Order of the Garter, created in 1348 by the King Edward III and revered as the pinnacle of the British honors system. Royal commentators saw it as a gesture of openness.

The future Queen of England was born in July 1947 into a bourgeois family with close ties to the Windsors. As a young man, she had a relationship with Carlos, but in 1973 she entered into an arranged marriage (in which infidelity was planned) with Andrew Parker Bowles, with whom she has two children and five grandchildren. From time to time, she spends a few days with them at their home, or at the residence she keeps in the English countryside. Support the literary festival of There are already organizations for the protection of animals and the fight against domestic violence.

Camila committed original sin and was condemned in court not only by the Windsors but by public opinion. But since she married Carlos, she has been faithful, and for that she has been forgiven.

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