Full list of countries with no government travel restrictions, including Mexico, Jamaica and Sweden

With the government epidemic taking over the world, a hassle-free holiday anywhere in the UK for the past two years has been impossible.

Government controls, isolation, vaccination passports and different travel restrictions depending on the country you are visiting prevent many people from traveling abroad for business or pleasure. But the worst coronavirus outbreak is behind us, and the good news is that more and more countries are easing restrictions or scrapping government travel rules altogether.

Jamaica is one of the latest countries to lift restrictions to end government rules on pre-travel testing.

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Our own travel rules are now a thing of the past, which means that once back in the UK following the cancellation of passenger locator forms, you can now travel to 14 destinations, but you don’t have to. admin covid. Cup.

Here’s a comprehensive list of places where there are no government travel rules and why they should be on your vacation bucket list. Check out our guide below.


The Jamaican government’s travel rules for Britain expire in mid-April. This eliminated government pre-travel screening rules, removed recently isolated requirements and ended the need for passengers to obtain permits before arrival.

If you want to go to the Caribbean island, from bamboo rafting in Jamaica to swimming in the spectacular Blue Lagoon, follow in the footsteps of James Bond, the world’s most famous spy, and you’re not new to this beautiful island.

Czech republic

One of the most famous places in the Czech Republic is Prague, the country’s capital.

The Czech Republic has relaxed all Kovit-19 travel restrictions. That is, you can visit without filling out the form or with proof of vaccination or a negative government test.

One of the most famous places is Prague, the country’s capital, which offers incredible things to do during a city break, from the impressive castle to the spectacular St. Vitus Cathedral. The Charles Bridge is a must for beautiful views. Leave room on the itinerary for the UNESCO World Heritage Center of History.


Spectacular Skógafoss waterfalls in Iceland

The Nordic island state lifted all government travel rules earlier this year and now welcomes visitors regardless of their vaccination status.

In other words, there are no government experiences or traveler locator forms, so it’s the perfect excuse to explore Iceland’s spectacular landscape, its glaciers, geysers and waterfalls, the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa and iconic sites such as the country’s capital, Reykjavik.


Cancun is famous for its beautiful hotels and beaches

There are no coveted entry requirements for Britons traveling to Mexico, but to enter and exit the holiday hotspot you will need to complete an immigration form.

For bucket list experiences, there are plenty of amazing places to see in Mexico, from its colonial cities to ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you have all-inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches, bars, and good food, Cancun and Tulam will succeed.


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a major tourist destination and a major city

Britain no longer has government restrictions on Denmark, and this also applies to those traveling to the Faroe Islands.

Whether you want to stroll through Copenhagen’s colorful Nyhawn harbour, explore Divoli Gardens, explore the Little Mermaid or head to the original Legoland in Billund, there’s plenty to see and do. Scandinavian country for the whole family.

Although Greenland belongs to Denmark as far as Foreign Office travel advice is concerned, it is important to note that the island has its own Covid rules, which you can currently only visit if you have been fully vaccinated or if you have recovered from Covid disease.


Fantastic Norwegian Fjords

According to the UK Foreign Office: “Even if you tested positive for COVID-19 last year, entry requirements into Norway will be the same for all travellers.”

From Norway’s mountains to its glaciers and stunning coastal fjords and of course the Northern Lights and the country’s capital, Oslo, brave explorers are not to be missed.


Madeira Island is a popular holiday destination for Britons and is blessed with spectacular scenery.

The Portuguese island was one of the first to ease travel rules for the UK last year and will soon become a favorite with holidaymakers.

Whether you are strolling through the historic old town or admiring the scenery of the Botanical Garden, Funzal is a popular holiday destination with its wide range of places, hotels and restaurants.

You will need to complete a passenger form before travel, but we have not yet added this to our summary as there are no testing or vaccination requirements.


The old town of Putwa in Montenegro

To visit Montenegro, you do not need proof of vaccination or a negative government test.

The Balkans have everything you need for an adventurous vacation; Rugged mountainous terrain, historic towns with stunning old towns and medieval buildings, delicious cuisine, stunning walks through crystal clear lakes and sandy beaches, with all the amenities you need for a day of sunbathing without stress.


Budapest at night. A river trip along the Danube will help tick all the holiday boxes.

In March this year, Hungary scrapped all government travel rules meaning you don’t need to test negative to enter the country or need to be completely vaccinated.

The capital’s city break, Budapest, tops many a UK vacation list, not to mention the brilliant bars, restaurants and hotels, thermal baths, historic buildings and beautiful surrounding scenery to explore.

Want to have highlights as part of a bigger trip? A river trip along the Danube will help you tick all the boxes!


The impressive rocks of Mohr

From the beginning of March you no longer need to show proof of vaccination, government recovery or negative government proof to enter Ireland. The country has also canceled its passenger locator forms.

Instagram-worthy scenery from Killarney National Park to the Ring of Kerry, over the awe-inspiring mountains of the Mohr and Dingle Peninsula and on to the Dingle Peninsula will spoil you. A lively nightlife.

Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has waived all of its government-related travel insurance requirements.

The UK Foreign Office has warned that “Costa Rican authorities may restrict travel or introduce new rules at short notice, for example due to the new Govt-19 variant”.

If you reminisce after a vacation, Costa Rica will not disappoint from its beautiful national parks to its tropical jungles, golden beaches and bustling cities.


From April 1, travelers from the UK to Sweden will no longer have to test negative for the Covit-19 test or visit to obtain proof of vaccination.

Sweden has many attractions ranging from dazzling royal palaces to sprawling national parks, and even an entire museum dedicated to Scandinavia’s most famous export after Volvo: the successful ABBA group!


The Maldives are on a vacation bucket list for many.

The archipelago nation has repealed all government vaccination and testing rules for travellers, finally creating the perfect reason to tick these amazing Maldives experiences off your bucket list (underwater restaurant, anyone?).

You will need to complete a travel form prior to travel, but we have added more islands as there are no testing or vaccination requirements if you wish to go on vacation.


New and old. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, as the crow flies.

Britain no longer needs to show proof of vaccination, government recovery or negative tests to enter the Baltic country.

Last year, the country’s capital, Vilnius, launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign after discovering that its tourism officials were frequently guessing its location in countries including Italy, Austria, Sweden and South America.

It should be noted that at the end of February Lithuania declared a state of emergency in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. UK Foreign Office warns: ‘Emergency regulations may change at short notice’.


Gdansk in Poland. The country is on the border with Ukraine, but remains open to tourism.

Poland has eliminated all its government isolations, vaccination tests and pre-departure tests.

The country is on the border with Ukraine, but remains open to tourism.

In March, Dorota Wojciechowska, director of the Polish Tourism Organization, said: “I want to assure travel agents and people that the country is safe. The Polish government is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of the country and its tourists. We hope.


Victory curve in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

Romania lifted all travel rules for foreign visitors in March.

The country borders Ukraine, but the UK Foreign Office said in its travel advisory: “There is widespread military action in Ukraine. Romania shares land and sea borders with Ukraine, but the situation there is normal FCDO advises against all travel to Ukraine Do not attempt to enter Ukraine from Romania.

  • Travel restrictions are correct at the time of writing, but may change quickly due to the nature of the infection. Always check the latest Foreign Office advice on a destination before booking or travelling.

What’s at the top of your to-do list for a trip without the creek? Let us know in the comments below.

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