Genocide in Ukraine? The United States and the United Kingdom say so, France and Italy do not think so.

United States President Joe Biden (left) and President of France Emmanuel Macron in a photo from the year 2021. The United States’ first and oldest ally, France, differs on Biden’s description of the genocide of Russia’s war actions in Ukraine. EFE.

The government of Ukraine accuses his partner of Russia to commit genocide against Ukrainian citizens. The Russian government denies it.

Apart from these two opposing governments, they give credit to the version of the genocide of the president of the United States, Joe Biden; the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnsonand some of his allies.

However, three of the most important American allies, Germany, France and Italydo not give credit to the version that Russia commits genocide in Ukraine.

Also, two controversial personalities differ on this assertion. Former US president and new presidential candidate Donald Trump, who had shown sympathy and admiration for Vladimir Putin, now supports President Joe Biden’s accusation against Russia of alleged genocide in Ukraine. But French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen does not believe there is such a thing as genocide in Russia’s war actions in Ukraine.

Macron differs from Biden on the use of the word “genocide”

From Paris, the capital of France, President Emmanuel Macron again distanced himself from his American counterpart, Joe Biden, and considered that the word “genocide” define the Russian offensive in Ukraine should not be used at the political level.

“It is the jurists who should call this genocide, not the politicians. If it is a genocide, the countries which consider it as such must intervene, according to international conventions. Do we want this? I do not believe that”he said on the public channel France Bleu.

Macron warned that he is not helping Ukraine “to enter into a verbal escalation without bearing all the consequences”, and stressed that Paris has sent magistrates and gendarmes to help this country document war crimes and be able to initiate the relevant processes. .

Biden used the word “genocide” for the first time on Tuesday to describe the war in Ukraine. He did so when speaking of his government’s efforts to rein in rising gasoline prices following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Their families’ budget, their ability to fill the tank, none of that should depend on a dictator declaring war and committing genocide on the other side of the world,” he said, referring to Putin and Ukraine.

On March 27, Macron also distanced himself from the American head of state after describing “Butcher” to the Russian leader.

“I wouldn’t use those words”he then indicated on the France 3 network, where the also candidate for re-election in the elections of April 24 affirmed that “everything must be done so that the situation does not get out of hand”.

Le Pen denies that there is a genocide in Ukraine

For his part, the French far-right leader Marine Le Penjoins his opponent in the second round of the presidential election, the current head of state Emmanuel Macron, in not wanting to use the term genocide to describe what has happened so far in the war in Ukraine.

In an interview with the France 2 television channel, Le Pen stressed that in his opinion the massacres of civilians that have been verified there are “war crimes” for which he has been asking for investigations since the beginning of the conflict to determine who they are. are. “those responsible for these horrors.

He insisted that “the term war crime is adapted” to what is happening there and not genocide, which has “an extremely precise definition which cannot be given at this moment of the conflict”.

Italy says it cannot verify if there is genocide in Ukraine

In Rome, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said that “Italy does not have the elements to verify if a genocide is taking place in Ukraine”although he added that “the atrocities” committed by the Russian military “are before our eyes, like the deaths of children and the deaths of civilians”.

This is how the head of Italian diplomacy responded to the question of whether genocide is being perpetrated in Ukraine as US President Joe Biden has said, a statement not shared, for example, by the head of the country. French State, Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview with public radio station Radio Rai1, Di Maio added that “through the European Union, we will provide all the evidence at our disposal to verify whether there have been war crimes in Ukraine, to verify all those responsible”.

“What we have seen in Bucha and Krematorsk and which we will unfortunately see elsewhere is atrocious, terrifying and we will have to bring those responsible to international justice”, added the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Regarding the diplomatic dialogue in favor of peace, the minister insisted on the need to continue the humanitarian corridors, although he said that “Putin does not express intentions of peace and therefore it is necessary to maintain the process of sanctions against Russia”.

Asked about the possibility of an expansion of NATO towards the Baltic countries, Di Maio explained that “other countries which are on the border with Russia or to the east see what is happening in Ukraine as a threat for themselves. Countries like Finland and Sweden are very close to Russian troops and now there are citizens asking their government to join NATO because NATO is a defensive alliance.

However, the Italian Minister explained that the time had come to ask for the end of the war. “We need to restart the process of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia,” he said.

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