Puerto Escondido, the paradise for doing “home office” on the beach, dreams of being overcrowded with tourists

Puerto Escondido.- Intense heat of over 30 degrees forces thousands of tourists desperately seeking the cold waters of the two extremes of hidden port: main bay and Zicatela Point. The first saturated with complete families from the interior of the country and the second lined with a international youth tourism and those labeled as “Mexican hipsters”. Of them Particular Cars different, but together they leave a economic spill In this first stage of Holy Week 79 million pesos, according to the estimate of the Mexican Association of Hotels and Motels of Puerto Escondido.

main baybelonging to Santa Maria Colotepecone of the two municipalities in which the tourist town of hidden portand begins to be occupied from the early hours of the day by children and adults of Mexico City, Guadalajara and the eight regions of the state of oaxaca, above all. They came to the second Oaxaca’s most important seaside tourist destination since April 11, with the start of the holidays and will remain so until the 18th.

With the presence of visitors, providers hope to recover this season after two years of covid-19 pandemic.

Aarónn Martínez is a construction worker who left his normal job for nine years in Holy Week to devote itself to the sale of piñas locas in main bay, accompanied by his wife. East itinerant tradermember of the Women’s Union of Colotepecan, considers that the beach has not yet managed to reach 100% of the people, she calculates that it reaches 80%, but she hopes that the weekend will reach influx of tourists.

Even if the number of visitors is not enough for him, he thanks all the gods that the pandemic gives respite to more than 500 street vendors to resume part of their commercial life.


“Still not filled beachit is missing, but if 100% is not achieved, we sellers give thanks that there is tourists, because we had a bad time for two years, because there were a lot of people who came to live in Puerto during the pandemic, but the people who visited the beaches every year stopped going out for fear. I consider myself well served by selling 30, 40, 50 pineapples a day, before pandemic I used to sell between 100 and 150 pineapples a day, it was good times that I think we will recover little by little”, he says while waiting for customers at one end of the beach. .


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Lizeth Rojas, president of the Association of Hotels and Motels of Puerto Escondido is also satisfied with the gradual resumption of touristic, after the critical seasons of the pandemic. Despite this, he assured that hidden port has become the hot spot during the pandemic and the favorite destination for young Mexicans and foreigners to do”home officewhich allowed the destination not to completely collapse but to remain with minimal occupancy for two years.

hidden port it has really been discovered by a lot of people in this pandemic. In the most critical two years, many young people saw it as a safe place, away from the crowds, where they managed to work online from the beach. It’s true, from there we discovered a shortcoming, the bad connectivity, but we fixed it. Before, we only had two high seasons; Holy Week and winter, now all year round we have tourists“, explained the provider.


Lizeth Rojas reported that until this Thursday there was a hotel occupancy of 85% and a first economic spill of 79 million pesos following 31,000 visitors, but another economic spill of 53 million pesos is scheduled for April 18-24. Compared to 2021, a 33% increase in tourism is expected for this 2022, i.e. 7 thousand more tourists.

Contrary to main bayon the beach of Zicatela Pointyoung people foreign and hipster are those who occupy the area at sunset.

Here the atmosphere is festive until late at night. In the past two years, the place has become the favorite destination for those who have chosen to take refuge from the global crisis, so the region has seen an increase in gastronomic and accommodation offers.


In these days of Holy Weekforeigners were joined by young people from the center and north of the country.

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