They demand the extradition of former Chilean soldiers convicted in Italy

An Italian delegation composed of a lawyer and representatives of the victims, arrived in Chile, in order to request the extradition of ex-soldiers found guilty of human rights violations, within the framework of Operation Condor, under the Pinochet dictatorship. Two of them are still at large.

This Friday an Italian delegation arrived in Chilecomposed of a lawyer and representatives of the victims of Operation Condor, who They are asking for the extradition of the ex-Chilean soldier found guilty of human rights violations in this case.

This, after After more than 20 years of investigations and legal proceedings, the Supreme Court of the European country will conclude in 2021 the so-called “Condor process”, initiated in 1998, after the arrest of the dictator Augusto Pinochet in London.

Italian litigation for Operation Condor sentenced 24 Latin American soldiers and repressors to life imprisonment involved, six of them, of Chilean nationality.

In addition to seeking methods of extradition, the Italian delegation will contact the civil parties and witnesses of the trial which took place in Rome and will inquire about the places where the events took place. At the same time, they will have various meetings with the families of the victims, as well as with the witnesses of the trial in Rome, and with the parliamentary and governmental authorities.


The soldiers convicted by the trial are accused of having tortured, disappeared and murdered, in the 1970s, 43 Latin American citizens of Italian origin: six Argentineans kidnapped in Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil, four Chileans kidnapped in Chile, and thirteen Uruguayans kidnapped in Argentina.

To those, 20 other Uruguayans kidnapped in Argentina are added, but whose disappearance is attributed to only one of the defendantsItalian-Uruguayan Jorge Néstor Troccoli, who was a member of the intelligence service of the Uruguayan army.

The Chileans sentenced, all to life imprisonment, are Daniel Aguirre Moraformer prefect of the Investigative Police; Carlos Luco Astrozaofficial PDI (both currently free); the former non-commissioned officer Orlando Moreno Vasquez; the former colonel Rafael Ahumada Valderrama; and former brigadiers and members of DINA Pedro Espinoza Bravo and Manuel Vasquez Chahuán.

All were condemned for the disappearance, torture and death of their victims within the framework of Operation Condor. So far only the extradition of the first three has been requested, while those of Ahumada, Espinoza and Vásquez are pending.

The delegation is made up of Arturo Salerni, defense lawyer for the relatives of the victims of Operation Condor; Jorge Ithurburu, representative of several of the civil parties in the trial, who also accompanied and assisted the families of the Chileans who disappeared from their first complaints in 1999 until the convictions of 2019 and 2021; and Sofía Ithurburu, media manager of, a non-governmental organization that over the years has promoted the action and supported relatives and lawyers in the process.

The victims of the process

Juan Jose Montiglio Murua: 24 years old, PS, unit leader of the GAP, was arrested at the Palacio de la Moneda on the day of the coup, taken to the Tacna regiment and assassinated in Peldehue on 09/13/1973. He remains to this day as a missing inmate. For his case, former Colonel Rafael Ahumada Valderrama has been convicted, whose extradition has been requested and is awaiting resolution.

Omar Roberto Venturelli Leonelli: 31 years old, former priest, member of the MIR, professor at the Department of Education of the Catholic University, Temuco campus. He was arrested in Temuco on September 25, 1973 when he appeared voluntarily, after being called by radio. Taken to the Tucapel regiment and then to Temuco prison. The family said they were informed that on October 4 he would have been released; from that date they searched for him without result. For his case, former PDI members Daniel Aguirre Mora and Carlos Luco Astroza, and former noncommissioned officer Orlando Moreno were convicted.

Canals John Bosco Maino: 27 years old, MAPU, student. He was arrested on May 26, 1976, along with two other MAPU activists, the married couple Elizabeth Rekas Urra and Antonio Elizondo Ormaechea, in the couple’s apartment. They were all taken to Villa Grimaldi, from where their faces are lost. Brigadier Pedro Espinoza Bravo was sentenced to life imprisonment for his case.

Jaime Patricio Donato Avendaño: 41 years old, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, electrical mechanic, was arrested on 05/05/1976 with four other PC leaders, in a “mousetrap” set up by DINA agents in the building located rue Lecture No. 1587. Brigadier Pedro Espinoza Bravo was sentenced to life imprisonment for his case.

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