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April 15 11:50

The Paraguayan salonista, Alcides Giménez Mendoza, was crowned FIFA Futsal Series B champion in Italy with his team, AP Calcio A5, being a great figure and protagonist throughout the tournament.

The multiple champion with Cerro Porteño, just 21 years old, was a key figure in his team, playing practically all the matches of the B series, in group F. He was crowned champion and promoted to the A2 series, which would be the second division of FIFA Italian futsal.

With practically all the games played and more than 15 goals scored, Giménez, better known as “Galleta”, the capital figure of Cerro Porteño in the last conquest of the absolute title of the Premiun league 2021, has fulfilled his objective and is now back in Paraguay.

Although he was champion and was one of the best in AP Calcio A5, Alcides Giménez returns to the country to play the Copa Libertadores and the Premium League with Cerro Porteño, the club to which he belongs.

It should also be noted that “Cookie” is part of the absolute Paraguayan team and took part in the last World Cup played in Lithuania.


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Paraguayan football

April 15 11:00

The president of Cerro Porteño, Juan José Zapag, referred to the classic that the “Ciclón” has in view; receives Libertad in Nueva Olla this Sunday, in a clash of leader and escort of the Apertura 2022 tournament.

“Repollero” arrives three points ahead of the Barça team and can widen the gap even more. Despite this, the boss reckons there will still be plenty of fabric to cut after the classic against Albinegra’s side.

“Determining no, there is a long way to go, but it is important to reach the top. Hopefully we can get the win. But we will see how it goes, there are too many commitments nearby. We hopefully be good that day and get the win,” he said in a chat with VERSUS radio on 970AM.

At another point, Juan José spoke about the situation of the Bolivian striker, Marcelo Moreno Martins, who is on special leave due to the significant loss of his family that he suffered last week; the death of his father.

“It will depend a lot on him, on his mental recovery. I hope he can reunite with his Paraguayan family in Cerro, that the boys can support him,” he said.

“It is also important that he is here as soon as possible so that he can train and be in good physical shape for the rematch, because we have very little bank,” he commented later.


South American Cup 2022

April 15 10:37

Guaireña has almost achieved the feat of conquering his first international victory as a visitor, nothing more and nothing less than in the mythical Beira Río of Porto Alegre. Troadio Duarte’s side settled for a great draw and rocked one of the Copa Sudamericana’s most beloved sides.

Villarrica’s team, completely “unknown” to the continent, planted themselves on Brazilian soil and hurt the powerful Internacional de Porto Alegre, one of the candidates for the fight for the title of the American Cup in the South.

Looking at some details, we see that Inter have a team that is 14 times more valuable than Guaireña and a single Brazilian footballer costs more than the whole of Guaireña FC.

The Paraguayan workforce is worth barely 6,090,000 euros, according to the prestigious German portal Transfermarkt, which specializes in the valuation of players and clubs. In the Villarrican team, Jordan Santacruz is the footballer with the highest value, valued at 650,000 euros, followed by Antonio Martín, currently absent due to injury, and Rosalino Toledo, both at 5,000,000 euros. the European currency.

For his part, the Inter have a squad valued at 87,000,000 euros, 14 times more than Guaireña’s. Only Wanderson has a price tag of 8,000,000 euros, surpassing the entire Paraguayan team on his own.

But in football nothing is impossible, it’s a collective sport and only with names or numbers and no one has a match. Guaireña was well placed on the continent and with real chances to fight for the classification in his group.


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