You can’t miss these two attractions on your trip to Dubai

dubai It has recently become one of the regional centers and a tourist hotspot. The former capitals of the world can no longer compete in numbers and statistics with what Dubai has to offer. It started as an air and territorial space to make international stopovers, which has transformed according to the government and commercial plan managed for years. The reality is that it is the number of options offered in terms of attractions and possibilities of activities that makes the difference. In addition, we can add to this cause the proposals and the framework that is paved with the administrative part of the city to receive and entertain guests. Here we tell you about game drives and a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina, also known as Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise.


The emotion that can be found in this excursion of a Safari in a desert it is irreplaceable in every travel itinerary. Crossing the dunes, admiring the scenery, while a lot of activity takes place on the fringes, this is perhaps the essence of tourism in Dubai. In this beautiful and cinematic desert that represents the place where Paris-Dakar, today it is wonderfully prepared by the various agencies and companies, to receive visitors every day of the year, whatever the weather. Beyond the skyscrapers, hotels and gigantic shopping complexes, we find nature in its purest form. And that’s exactly where we’ll have the most fun. Contact with the local wildlife will be a motivating experience, while you ride a camel or practice falconry with the birds that inhabit the desert. At night, divide your attention between the incredible typical gastronomy, the musical and dance performances, where the Tanoura or the Nashaat stand out, and if you decide to stay the night, you will find your place in the world to enjoy the ‘stargaze ‘ . In this part of the world, where there is only sand and heat, the stars are better seen than anywhere else. You will sleep like never before in your Bedouin camp while enjoying traditional shisha, Arabic coffee and dressing up in traditional costumes. Of course, with an emphasis on clothing, this is vitally important when walking these dunes. Warmth and your comfort depends on luck and the comfort of the clothes you bring, the protection you have, burn protection with lightweight, breathable boots, and hydration at all costs. More information here on Dubai Desert Safaris.


This is the second point that we recommend to visit and interact with Arab normality. Embarking on one of these archaic traditional sailboats called “dhow”, you will be able to travel the entire man-made canal, while admiring the local monuments, such as the Al Maktoum Bridge and the different spaces that include the coast such as the Dubai Marina Yacht Club , or the conglomeration of shopping complexes located in the hotel strip of the city. Here too, balancing on the water, you can take part in the typical customs of the country, to make your stay a cultural and educational journey. Food, shows and local dances will give context to your night as you cross the border into the beautiful district of Deira, the most bohemian in the capital. After this luxury “trip”, you will enjoy returning to the hotel at the end of the tour with a full stomach, flooded ears and full eyes.


Clearly, the city has undergone a violent metamorphosis from what it was at the start of the emirates’ rule to what it is today. The business center that has been able to establish itself thanks to investments and capital linked to oil, among others, has shaped the future of what is needed today, to achieve this acquired objective of becoming the “place” tourist par excellence of the whole region. . The time involved in this transformation is justified by the luxury acquired after so much architectural work. Recall that the artificial that is managed around the landscape, the artificial islands, even the snow in the middle of the desert works as a unique attraction in the world. The experience is consolidated as particular and motivating and in conjunction with the vestiges of tradition that are still latent in the city and in the country, culminating in this dichotomy that captures the hearts and eyes of millions of tourists a year. And although these structures, these “Sightseeings” and these territorial unions are multiple, there are two spaces focused on two different activities which are the ones we recommend the most to do in Dubai. Even with their preferences and differences, the excursions continue to be based on the geographical aspects of a country that has continually altered nature to suit them. Even so, the original still stands and continues to dominate the pricing and demands of what the mainstream demands.


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