After the tweet that made Marie-Chantal Miller an enemy of Letizia, they have not seen each other again: they meet in London next Tuesday, will there be reconciliation?

Their husbands, as well as cousins,
they were close friends. However, the enmity between Marie-Chantal and Letizia caused King Felipe VI himself to distance himself from one of his most loyal confidants, Pablo de Grecia. It didn’t matter that they both spent eternal summers in Marivent, sporty winters in Baqueira Beret and crazy university youth in Georgetown (USA) for the two to decide.
put their marriages above their brotherhood.

Casa Real experts say that the constant
presence of Greece at the Palace It was one of the triggers that made Queen Letizia say enough was enough. Very jealous of her private life and aware of their party past, the monarch
I didn’t see with good eyes nor to Pablo de Grecia, even less to his wife, Marie-Chantal who had already tried to sneak into one of her friends,
Gigi Howard, future Queen of Spain A few years ago.

Therefore, Queen Letizia kept a
very distant attitude during acts of homage to King Pablo (father of Queen Sofía and grandfather of King Felipe) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death and refused to
accompany Don Felipe at the party he prepared
Marie-Chantal to her husband Paul from Greece for his 50th birthday. Two facts that the Greek princess would not forgive her and for which she would take revenge in the worst possible way.

Disagreement between Queen Letizia and Queen Sofía at Easter Mass. /


A private enmity that Marie-Chantal raised to public scandal when she took advantage of the
unfortunate incident who played
Queen Sofia and Queen Letizia during the 2018 Easter mass in the cathedral of Mallorca. The image of the wife of Don Felipe VI
preventing her stepmother from approaching her granddaughters To take a picture, he went around the world. A tense situation that both will later regret in private.

What no one expected was that Marie-Chantal would take advantage of a moment of Letizia’s public weakness to
throw her to the lions. Digital, to be exact. “No grandma deserves this kind of treatment. Wow she (Letizia) showed her true colors,” the Greek princess wrote in
a tweet that went viral and which now has 1,829 likes.

A low blow (not to say very low) considering that Queen Letizia was already tired of having
let my guard down for a second publicly enough for Marie-Chantal to play an unfortunate incident
an online family dispute. Fortunately, or unfortunately, if Letizia replied to the wife of Pablo De Grecia, it is something that has remained private, since the Spanish royal family does not have a personal account on any social network.

Letizia vs Marie-Chantal: Buckingham Palace awaits you

All this makes the appointment marked on the agenda of the two for the
next tuesday march 29 It is crucial to know if there has been a rapprochement or if they still do not support each other.

This doubt will be resolved at Westminster Abbey, London, where the two will attend the
Memorial Mass for the Duke of Edinburgh, died last year. A meeting during which, make no mistake,
Marie-Chantal starts with an advantage. British by birth, the whole family lives in the English capital and Pablo’s Greek wife maintains a
excellent relationship with all members of the British royal house and does not hesitate to use his Instagram account to advertise it.

“We are all saddened to hear the news this morning of the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, born Prince of Greece. Steadfast and loyal, he served the Crown with selfless devotion and leaves behind an incredible legacy. We will miss him,” she wrote, making it very clear to the “prince born of Greece” that she is
linked to the British royal family being a princess of Greece.

Marie-Chantal, the princess who will never reign

While Letizia is queen, the wife of Pablo de Grecia can never say the same. And this is where another of the conflicts between the two arises.
Does Marie-Chantal envy the arrival to the throne of Doña Letizia? Surely. Because even if she managed to carve out a place for herself as
‘royal influencer’ on Instagram and having family ties to the British royal family, Marie-Chantal will never cease to be the
eternal wife of PabloCrown Prince of Greece and Duke of Sparta, who will never reign since in 1974 the monarchy was officially abolished in the country which also saw the birth of Queen Doña Sofía.

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