Belén Esteban makes the leap as an international businesswoman in Dubai

Almost a year ago, Belén Esteban made the leap as a businesswoman in the food sector, launching a gazpacho under her new brand, The flavors of Estebana project that Paracuellos has prepared with great care and which aims to be his main business and the reason why he will retire from television in the not too distant future.

This was confirmed by Belén herself in one of her last appearances in the Luxurywhere he confirmed that he had been considering leaving television for some time after more than two decades of media exposure to devote himself to other professional projects and to be able to develop a life away from the cameras.

Belén Esteban during the presentation of his company “Sabores de la Esteban” in Madrid.


Plans that seem to be getting better and better, because their gazpacho has not only triumphed in our country, because despite the fact that the OCU has classified Belén Esteban’s gazpacho as one of the worst, which has made the employee very angry, this report it did not have a negative impact on sales, quite the contrary. In addition, its success prompted the San Blas company to start establishing agreements to export its gazpacho and its future products to the international market and to develop its activities to conquer the food sector.

“I know there are a lot of people who can’t stand me, and I respect them, of course, but I know there are other people who appreciate me. And I thank them all for me. trust because The flavors of Esteban will stay,” Belén Esteban said last summer. She was right because she started her new business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and wanted to share all her plans with the magazine. The weekwhich includes a long photographic report of the collaborator in Dubai, after her trip to Frankfurt (Germany) a few weeks ago, from where she is happier than ever.

Weekday cover.

Belén plays alone on the cover of ‘Semana’ magazine.

“I managed to present my products at one of the most important food fairs in the world. This was one of my goals, as I wanted my products to be in Spain, but I was very excited to launch them abroad. Especially in Dubai, which is a place that really catches my attention”, confesses happily Belén, “I am very happy because it took a lot of effort, but also enthusiasm”.

A project in which she has been accompanied by her inseparable husband, Miguel Marcos, and although she claims to be “at the foot of the canyon” in the company, she admits that Miguel helps her on several occasions.

The employee is very involved in her business project.

The employee is very involved in her business project.

Instagram/Flavors of Esteban

“The character is on one side, and the company on the other. They took me seriously as a businesswoman from the first moment, I didn’t have any problems with anyone, I worked hard and we’re getting there little by little; I prefer few products, and the good ones,” she explains, “There’s a lot of work behind it all, but that’s also exactly why I’m so happy and satisfied. I will never throw in the towel.”

I owe everything to the people, who welcomed everything wonderfully into a world like food, which is very complicated. The consumer cannot be fooled

Bethlehem Esteban

Now in Dubai, Esteban has introduced his gazpacho, which has a new flavor made from kumato tomato; his salmorejo, his vegetable creams and his new crisps, which are already part of the options in his supermarkets, to which he will add two other products he is working on to have a collection of “eight or ten products” and be able to dedicate yourself entirely to them .

Belén set out to conquer the crisps market last summer.

Belén set out to conquer the crisps market last summer.

Instagram/Flavors of Esteban

“On TV I’m happy and very well, at the moment I combine but, one day the time will come?” Well, yes, but I can’t tell you the dates”, admits the ex of Jesulín de Ubrique, who reveals that she has already reduced the number of her appearances on television to be able to devote herself to other things in out of the spotlight, “I’m very lucky with the job I have and, so far, I’m still excited about my company and the Save me”.

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