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After starring in “Mother” and “Unfaithful” (“Anne” and “Sadakatsiz” in their original language, respectively), Cansu Dere He became a star of the small screen, not only in his native Turkey, but also in other countries where the two productions reached. Although audiences from different countries love her, without a doubt, Spain is the one who has the most affection for her, as she has shown in invite her for the Silver Frames 2021where he presented the award for best actress.

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As soon as she stepped onto the stage of the 73rd edition of this event which rewards Spanish actors and directors, she was applauded and applauded by all the attendees. To announce the nominees, the Turkish model also spoke in Spanish and then announced the winner, who went to Najwa Nimri for her character as Inspector Alicia in “La Casa de Papel”.

As a result of all the love he’s received the histrionicborn in Ankara on October 14, 1980, stressed that this was not the only time she was going to visit the motherlandannouncing that he will return in 2022 to stay longer.

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The welcome the Turkish actress had in Spain, where her fans applauded her (Photo: Cansu Dere / Instagram)


According to the evening newspaper, Cansu Dere will return to this country in the middle of this year, but not just for a visit, but for a season.

“I’m happy to be in Spain and I’ll be back a few months after my photo session. It will be work and holidays”first clarified the actress upon her arrival in the Fatherland.

“I can think that I will live in Istanbul half the year and in Madrid it would be the other half of the year”She said she was very excited.

In this way, all Dere’s followers are already counting the days to find the one who stole their hearts for the great performances he interprets as Zeynep in “Mother” and Asya in “Unfaithful”.

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Turkish actress Cansu Dere shone at the Fotogramas 2021 awards and surrounded herself with big, world-famous stars.  Here is the presentation of the award for best actress (Photo: Fotogramas)
Turkish actress Cansu Dere shone at the Fotogramas 2021 awards and surrounded herself with big, world-famous stars. Here is the presentation of the award for best actress (Photo: Fotogramas)


The Turkish actress not only received applause when she was on stage at the award ceremony, but everyone made her feel at home. She took pictures with actors from “La casa de papel” like Álvaro Morte and Alba Flores; in addition to surrounding himself with the world-renowned artists Javier Badem, Penélope Cruz and Pedro Almodóvar, who have won awards.

The images of the actress were posted on the Fotogramas de Plata Instagram account, where the performer’s followers were full of praise. “We are very happy that you have invited Cansu Dere at the awards ceremony, even if she didn’t receive it, at least she was invited and lit up with her incredible beauty! »said one of the followers.

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Turkish actress Cansu Dere shone at the 2021 Fotogramas Awards and was surrounded by world famous stars (Photo: Fotogramas)
Turkish actress Cansu Dere shone at the 2021 Fotogramas Awards and was surrounded by world famous stars (Photo: Fotogramas)


Actress Cansu Dere has always been interested in different foreign places, lives, lifestyles and cultures. She considers that a person begins to get to know each other during the trip and it is precisely from one of these adventures in Barcelona that she keeps a pleasant memory.

He says that with the people he traveled to, they went for a walk and forgot the time and to book a hotel. What problem! It was dark and the travel agency told them that all the hotels they were interested in were full.

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“We were a bit sad, but we were in good spirits, so we didn’t get too angry. We thought we would find accommodation in this big city anyway. What’s the worst that can happen to us? To find out what happened to him CLICK HERE.

Cansu Dere is the protagonist of Mother (Photo: @cihanalpgiray / Instagram)
Cansu Dere is the protagonist of Mother (Photo: @cihanalpgiray / Instagram)


Cansu Dere was born in Ankara on October 14, 1980, so in 2021 the Turkish actress will be 41 years old. At first his career was planned to be different as he studied Archeology at Istanbul University. He studied for two years, and in 2004 his life changed dramatically.

In this way, Dere planned to study and become an archaeologist until a modeling agency invited him to participate in the Miss Turkey, in 2000, and came in third place among the finalists. He began to work in important companies, but the performance It was another opportunity he didn’t miss in 2004.

His career has been shaped by television productions”Mother”, “Ezel”, “silla”, “Alacakaranlik”, “Guz Yangini”, “Ferhat sirin island“, among others. In 2018, he received an award from the Yıldız Technical University for Best Actress for her work in “Sahsiyet”. Whereas now, thanks to his interpretation of the Season 1 of “Infidels”was awarded in the same category in 2021.


Cansu Dere he is 41 years old. He was born on October 14, 1980 in Ankara. His family is made up of Turkish immigrants from Greece and Bulgaria. He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir, where he lived with his family. Later, as we mentioned above, he started his graduate studies in archeology at Istanbul University.

At one point it was said that the actress was actually born in Armenia and not in Turkey. This version was later denied by Cansu Dere herself, who revealed that she was born in Ankara and that her father was of Bulgarian origin, while her mother is from Istanbul.


Besides being a well-known actress on Turkish television, Cansu Dere studied archeology. When he started out, the artist decided to turn to this profession, but his life took another course.

While Cansu is now completely focused on her acting career, she wasn’t always so clear about where she wanted to go. The actor, from a family of Greek origin, was born in Ankara in 1980 and enrolled in the archeology degree at Istanbul University.

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