Commercial synergy between Italy and Guanajuato is consolidated. – Addiction bulletins

The trade relationship between Guanajuato and Italy is stronger than ever.

In an exclusive interview with the italian journalist Gabriella Chiarapathe Director General of COFOCE, Luis Ernesto Rojas Avila and the Director of Confesercenti per L´Internazionalizzazione, Master Massimiliano GambiniThey talked about the opportunities between Mexico and Italy, but also about the joint work to promote Guanajuatens companies on the European continent.

“Obviously any product that has Made in Italy, let’s talk about fashion, let’s talk about furniture or any other product, automobiles, because obviously it will have great acceptance in the Mexican market because it represents the affection that is felt for the country, the great appreciation for the products and the quality with which they work and especially for the design that represents a very well accepted value in Mexico,” said Luis Ernesto Rojas.

He pointed out that for some years there has been a synergy between COFOCE and the Italian Confederation led by Dr. Massimiliano Gambini, to work and promote local products from both countries.

“We have had many adventures in the agri-food sector, in the fashion sector, of course in certain sectors, such as the medical sector, and we have found many areas of opportunity; the two economies are very complementary because Mexico represents a country that has access to the economy of the United States because it is part of the free trade agreement, producing in Mexico not only allows sales to Mexico and Central America but also to reach the United States with which we have a free trade agreement, it is a great advantage for food. I give an example with what we do with the radicchio, that we can really supply the Italian market that resides in the United States thanks to the production of radicchio in Mexico, so these are some of the great projects that we are undertaking together”.

Export to revive the economy.

The journalist asked the head of COFOCE about the role of exports for Guanajuato, especially at such a complicated time for the world with the health contingency.

“Exports have taken on a very important role; Our main target market is certainly the United States, however, it is through these alliances that we are looking for alternatives in Europe, Asia and post-pandemic, the approach we have taken as a country and mainly as that state is to focus on sending added value to different parts of the world, we have grown very strongly in the agro-food sector, we have grown very strongly in the handicraft sector, in the decoration sector , in the footwear sector and of course also in the automotive sector since Guanajuato is the main national producer of automobiles in all of Mexico”, highlighted the head of COFOCE.

He pointed out that Italy and Guanajuato complement each other very well and that this has made their relationship grow and strengthen in these times of uncertainty.

“Certainly, the commitment to digital commerce is one of the great areas of opportunity that we have as Guanajuato and the complementarity is enormous between Italy and Mexico; I believe that speaking of the fashion, great exchanges can be made between what is Italian design, everything that is the conceptualization of the product and the manufacturing that can be done in Mexico, with Italian materials to be able to reach the North American market by setting an example Also in the agri-food sector, radicchio can be grown in Mexico to be able to export it to the Italian community that lives in the United States and from here also supply the rest of Mexico and of course the rest of the country, so there has a lot of opportunities”, concluded Rojas Avila.

COFOCE is the only organization in Mexico that helps micro, small and medium enterprises to market their products in the world.

Currently, products from Guanajuato reach more than 130 destinations.

Bilateral relationship Guanajuato-Italy (2020).

According to COFOCE estimates, in 2020 Italy was Guanajuato’s 8th largest trading partner, with total trade of 257 private label between the two parties.

Guanajuato’s imports from Italy amounted to 155Mnot a wordpositioning it as Guanajuato’s seventh most important supplier.

In 2020, Italy positioned itself as the eighth buyer of goods from Guanajuato with $102 millionrecording a 149% annual variation compared to 2019.

exports of to seekeys hit $87 millionwhich represents a change 402% annual, Compared to the same period of the previous year.

This industry represented 85% of total exports from the state to Italy.

Exports from the bearing industries recorded an amount of $15 millionrepresenting 15% of Guanajuato’s total exports to Italy.

Exports to Italy came from 14 municipalitiesSalamanca being the main municipality (85%), followed by Silao (9%), León (3%), Cortázar (1%) and Purísima del Rincón (1%).

In 2020, the record of 62 companies exporting to Italy.

During the reference period, exports of 33 new products for an amount of 832 thousand dollarslares (vehicles are excluded), including:

– Butadiene rubber (BR).

– Clothing and accessories (accessories), including gloves, mittens and mittens.

-Alternative volumetric pumps.

-Rubber added with carbon black or silica.

-Injection molding machines.

Check out the full interview here.

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