Elon Musk and companies like Tesla and SpaceX, which make him the richest in the world

The richest man in the world – and probably in history – is called Elon Musk and has an estimated personal fortune of $250,000 million, according to Forbes magazine. And he’s in the news this week because he wants to own Twitter, a company that’s been in the red since the day it was founded in 2006 and lost $221 million last year. .

After acquiring 9.2% of Twitter shares just a few weeks ago, Musk launched a hostile takeover bid (massive and unsolicited purchase of shares by the company) to become a sole proprietor, of privatize it (take it off the stock market) and introduce reforms so that it is a good business, he said. But no one knows how he is supposed to achieve this.

The goal pursued by this successful investor and why he intends to be the sole owner of a company that does not leave profits, despite its great popularity in the digital age, is a real unknown. Of all the existing social networks, Twitter is the one that seems to have the fewest possibilities from a financial point of view. Thus, many analysts say that Musk’s objective is rather political and would be linked to his closeness to former President Donald Trump and his bid to return to the White House in the upcoming US election.

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Musk has come out clearly in favor of social networks without censorship or any moderation of content, in which Trump is allowed to say what he wants, to incite polarization of public opinion and to spread fake news, precisely what he was accused of during the previous election campaign. campaign (which he lost to Joe Biden) and for which Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter decided to expel him from their platforms.

But just to support a friend would spend $43 billion on Twitter? Musk may have long-term business interests in a possible future government of Donald Trump, given that the billionaire owns state-contracting companies, including in space travel and defense.

What are the companies that made Elon Musk the richest man in the world? Born in South Africa, engineer Musk was a techno fanatic since childhood. At the age of 21, he moved to the United States to study at the University of Pennsylvania. The decade of the 90s was beginning as well as the first days of the future digital economy. Musk saw from then on the immense and numerous business opportunities that there would be in this new world and did not hesitate to be part of it. He had businesses developing websites and other businesses, but his first big hit was founding PayPal. He made a lot of money from the sale of his stake in the company and took on other more ambitious ventures.

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The fastest growing and most disruptive auto company in the industry has positioned electric cars and forced traditional automakers to follow in its footsteps. This company is a leader in the electric car segment and its brand enjoys the highest reputation.


Space travel is an old obsession of Musk, who through this company is now one of NASA’s largest contractors, supplying the rockets that send astronauts and satellites in the space. He won the NASA contract to take men to the Moon again, on an as yet unspecified date.

Elon Musk owns other companies, less known publicly, but very disruptive and innovative.


This company works on the “crazy” idea of ​​connecting the human brain to the computer, with the aim of advancing the science fiction dream of capturing human knowledge and intelligence.

Boring business:

This company crystallizes Musk’s idea of ​​solving transport and mobility problems through tunnels (underground pipes) between distant cities, and moving capsule-shaped ships at very high speeds through these tunnels, in which people and cars will be housed. . He has already tried to make it happen by connecting Los Angeles to Chicago, but the project is on hold.


A company dedicated to the manufacture of products for the production of solar energy.

He is also an active cryptocurrency buyer and a world-renowned tweeter, with over 80,000 followers.

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