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At least 27 people have died in floods and floods that have affected three provinces on Turkey’s northern coast since Wednesday, Turkish authorities reported on Friday (13.08.2021). The previous official report had reported 17 deaths. In addition, there is one missing person, according to the same sources. In a statement, Turkey’s emergency service, AFAD, reported that “25 citizens of Kastamonu and 2 citizens of Sinop lost their lives due to the floods”.

On the other hand, the NTV channel indicated that a hundred people are missing in the flooded regions. The Turkish press also reports that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit one of the most affected regions during the day to show his solidarity with the victims and assess the damage.

Many politicians and associations have called on the Turkish government to take drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as they attribute these disasters to climate change. Torrential rains destroyed homes, roads and several important bridges in Kastamonu and Bartin, leaving hundreds of people isolated in several towns. Thirty municipalities found themselves without an electrical connection.

TV channels show eight-story buildings collapsing as water undermines their foundations and rescue services transporting evacuees by boat. More than 1,700 people were evacuated by land and helicopter and were temporarily housed in student residences in the region. Turkish emergency services mobilized a team of 1,000 search and rescue workers, including construction machinery, ambulances and dogs.

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