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Thousands of fans made him, this Saturday, April 16, in Cali, the last farewell to Freddy Rincón, the former footballer who left his mark Colombian selection and who died on Wednesday April 13 after suffering a circulation accident in the capital of Valle del Cauca.

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Rincón’s coffin was, this Saturday from the early hours of the morning, on one side of the Pascal Guerrero Stadium, from Cali, where family, friends, players, managers and football fans accompanied the former Real Madrid and Italian Napoli player.

Fans of ‘el Coloso’ began pouring into Pascual Guerrero seconds after the stadium gates opened, which closed hours later as the funeral procession left for the Metropolitano del Sur cemetery.

A truck in which the former national team player was traveling crashed in the early hours of Monday April 11, against a bus to ME, the Cali public service, near the Pascual Guerrero stadium.

Rincón, 55, was admitted to the Imbanaco Clinic for a severe head trauma, for which he underwent surgery that lasted two hours and 45 minutes, after which his condition worsened until his death.

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This Saturday was the continuation of the farewell to the former player of the Brazilian clubs Corinthians, Palmeiras, Santos and Cruzeiro, because Friday he was in Bonaventure on a burning camera at the Renato Batalla sports arena.

In addition, in a fire truck, the body criss-crossed several streets of the city where it was born, while being followed by a caravan of fans who circulated in cars, motorcycles, bicycles and, sometimes, on foot.

This Saturday, Rincón’s coffin, on which the Colombian Flag, was flanked by wreaths of White flowers, while people filled the stands ready to accompany the loved ones of the person who gave them joy with the goals he scored when he was in Santa Fe and América de Cali.

And especially with the one who scored and with whom Colombia equalized 1-1 with Germany at the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

This draw allowed the “tricolor” to qualify, for the first time, for the round of 16 of a World Cup.

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The organizers of the farewell tribute had six guards accompanying Rincón. The first was in charge of the Police, the second of the Army and the third was made up of former footballers and technical directors who had to do, in one way or another, with “the Colossus”.

That’s why the technicians were there Jorge Luis Pinto, Francisco Maturana, Alexis Mendoza, Leonel Alvarez, Juan Carlos Osorio, as well as former players like Óscar Córdoba, Farid Mondragón, Víctor Aristizábal, Harold Lozano, René Higuita, Miguel Guerrero, Faustino Asprilla and Edison Mafla, among others.

As each guard accompanied the body and offered their condolences to Rincón’s loved ones, funeral songs typical of this Colombian region known as ‘alabaos’ were played.

There was also the particular sound of the marimba and other religious songs that referred to a person’s fleeting passage through the earthly.

There was also a Eucharist in which Rincón was remembered.

The fourth guard consisted of the sons (Sebastián Rincón and Freddy Stiven Rincón) and others close to the former player, of whom Maturana said that “when the aliens come they will read the history of Colombian football and they will meet many people who deserve to be recognized, and among them is Freddy Rincón“.

Banners with messages for Rincón.



In his speech, Maturana said that Rincón is “national and world heritage. Hope we don’t forget who Freddy Rincón is“.

He pointed out that when the lanky player was called up to the national team, a human being who plays football has arrived“and who also appeared”a light that illumined many, but did not eclipse anyone“.

(Rincón) makes them better, and they make Freddy better, and the team becomes a family.Maturana pointed out.

For his part, Pinto, with whom Rincón made his debut in Santa Fe as a professional in 1986, assured, in tears, that the “Colossus” He transformed humility into greatness.

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Setting him as an example for current and future generations, Pinto said he has never had another player with the capacity for hard work and dedication like that of the former midfielder.

With these acts, Colombia fired Rincón, who wore the Colombian jacket in three World Cups and three editions of the Copa América.

Rincón was born on August 14, 1966 in Buenaventura, the main Colombian port on the Pacific. There he began to play barefoot in the amateur team Atletico Buenaventura.

Later he went to Independiente Santa Fe, where he began to demonstrate his physical and footballing condition, the same ones that took him to places that he himself did not even suspect and that made him a Legend.


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