Generation Zoé: former judge Yrimia traveled to Dubai – News

Generation Zoé: former judge Yrimia traveled to Dubai – News – Cadena 3 Argentina

The information was confirmed by the Cordoba public prosecutor’s office. He had an international arrest warrant. He is charged with unlawful association and fraud.

04/12/2022 | 15:28

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Former federal judge Héctor Yrimia went to Interpol in Dubai on Tuesday. The information was confirmed by the Cordoba public prosecutor’s office.

Yrimia had an international arrest warrant requested by prosecutor Juliana Companys in connection with the Zoe case.

He is charged with unlawful association and fraud. It is related to the legal area of ​​companies linked to Leonardo Cositorto.

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He lands in Ezeiza accompanied by detectives from the Interpol division of the PFA. He is expected to be transferred to Cordoba in the coming hours.

Operator in Buenos Aires

The Villa María prosecutor conducted the proceedings in the federal capital.

Federal judge Hugo Vaca Narvaja analyzes whether 354 vaccinated people have committed another crime. Senator Luis Juez insisted that several officials posed as health personnel.

After 20 searches, the prosecutor’s office of Marcos Juárez, in charge of Fernando Epelde, ordered the removal and confiscation of a ton of pork, cars, trucks and cell phones.

The police were shot while investigating an act committed by a man linked to the “Los Monos” drug gang.

He was born in Italy, but lived most of his life in Argentina. In 2002 he was miraculously beatified to Carlos Bossio, who spoke with channel 3 and provided more details about this experience.

The return to normal revealed the lack of taxi drivers on the streets of the country, but the problem is even more accentuated in the big cities. They accuse unfair competition and low profitability.

Heart of the Chaco Salteño

The funds will be used to renovate La Merced Community School No. 4171, in Santa Victoria Este, Salta.

Erardo Gallo, director of the Cereal Collectors Society of Cordoba, said channel 3 that “it’s a problem of lack of foresight”. He added that they used silobags instead.

The worst disappointment

The crowned WBC super bantamweight champion confessed that a few days before going to the fight, she found her husband having sex with his sister.

Jean Frederic

She had left her women’s prison in Bouwer on the grounds that she had to take care of her children under the age of 5. Now she could travel for a few hours to Cruz del Eje prison, where her boyfriend is.

The incident occurred Thursday evening, in the house of the capital Buenos Aires which was the scene of the quadruple murder perpetrated by the dentist.

Maximiliano Bertorello is a quartet singer and was involved in a resounding road accident in the city of Córdoba.

“May she find you in the kingdom of God dressed in white,” the priest said to his partner at the church service.

The Minister of Economy will take part in the “Spring Meetings” organized by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on Monday to report on some of the tasks that have been negotiated with the agency.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Pablo Fleitas said channel 3 which include alleged victims from Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

The traditional route was redone after two years of suspension. She was followed by a Russian woman and a Ukrainian woman, as a sign of reconciliation amid the conflict between the two countries.

The 17-year-old minor, who fell in Plaza España, remains in the emergency hospital with a head injury. His father said channel 3who “recognizes people”.

This was emphasized by Olga Skabeyeva, presenter of one of the official Russian television channels. The journalist maintained that “the Kremlin is definitely fighting with NATO.”

The statements of the Ukrainian president correspond to an interview he conducted with the American network CNNto the possibility of Putin using nuclear weapons.

The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the attack at the place where the same type of weapons with which the Ukrainians claim to have fired at the ship “Moskva” were produced.

The Sovereign Pontiff will lead the traditional Stations of the Cross at the Roman Colosseum this evening, as part of the Easter celebrations.

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