his resort at 4,700 euros per night

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After a complicated start to the year for the Preysler family in terms of mood due to the death of their matriarch, Beatriz Arrastia, this festive bridge passed Isabelle Preysler (70) and Tamara Falco (39) decided to take a getaway for two. Mother and daughter flew 8,666 kilometers from Madrid, where they have their usual residence, to disconnect for a few days in an authentic paradise.

While all of Spain was enjoying the national holiday on October 12, Tamara and Isabel were doing the same, but from Maldives. In this enclave of South Asia and in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the creator and the queen of hearts they have found an idyllic place to put aside any pain or worry and devote their time solely to being pampered.

The Preyslers stayed at the most luxurious resort in the area, the Soneva Jani, a spectacular resort that rises above the crystal clear turquoise waters of the destination. Housing is made up of a large number of villas, and in one of them a mother and her daughter have settled.

Some rooms of the two-person villa at the Soneva Jani resort.

Soneva Jani website

For two adults, as is your case, there is One bedroom villas of 555 square meters in all. “This spacious overwater villa features a retractable roof over the master bedroom that slides back at the touch of a button to reveal the starry sky. With direct lagoon access, the unique bathroom outdoor area has a sunken tub and shower The large outdoor terrace has a private freshwater pool, sunken dining area, lounge chairs, swings and a slide “, details the official website of the complex.

This luxury accommodation is only suitable for the deepest pockets. As can be seen in its booking section, the cheapest stay on site is 4,700 euros per night, while the most expensive option is over 24,000 euros by night

But this high price has a compelling reason. And it is that this disbursement includes: a butler dedicated to all the needs of the tenants of the villa, round-trip seaplane transfer, unlimited dinners in its bars and restaurants, access to unlimited wines from the menu, unlimited spa treatments and massages, exclusive experiences, daily laundry service, daily replenishment of the villa’s minibar… But, without a doubt, Tamara Falcó has set her sights on this luxurious destination because of the unlimited access to Michelin star chef dinners and events offered by the resort.

For her part, the service that most attracted Isabel Preysler was that of unlimited access to a room of homemade chocolates. And it is that the socialite socialite She is a real fan of cocoa and especially in the form of chocolate or bar, as Tamara herself confessed to EL ESPAÑOL.

Preysler and chocolate in the Maldives

Last Wednesday, October 13, Tamara Falcó published her book Recipes from my mother’s house and this medium made an appointment with her to deepen her project and discuss with her. During the conversation, the winner of Master Chef Celebrity vigilance a hobby hitherto unknown to her mother: her addiction to chocolate.

Isabel Preysler and Tamara Falcó at Windsor Castle in 2014.

Isabel Preysler and Tamara Falcó at Windsor Castle in 2014.


“I just got back now from vacation with my mum and being in the Maldives, all of a sudden one day she’s like, ‘Do you want some chocolate?’ Mom, now that we’re on a trip, I’m not going to take away what you have…”, and she replies, “But I brought six tablets. We have been to the Maldives and the aunt with six tablets in the bag! It’s very strong!” Tamara told the newspaper.

Also, in this sense, the fashion designer recalled an anecdote that perfectly defines her mother’s passion for cocoa: “In confinement he sent for all the chocolate that was left at the Gourmet Club, because he said ‘let’s see if we’re going to run out of reservations’ when he saw that we were starting the confinement. And she also says that one night she wanted to eat chocolate and started looking around the house and there was none. Then, a literal panic attack began to enter him. So since then, it hasn’t happened to him because he decided to go everywhere with his 85% cocoa chocolate.”

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