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Sailing in the Persian Gulf has become everything a winter claim for cruise-goers who little by little, they are freeing themselves from the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. The destination is at the top of the most requested destinations to host the three major international meetings this year: the recently closed Expo2020 in Dubai, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the grand prize Formula 1 from Abu Dhabi. “We had to extend the season which started in November and ended in March,” explain the communication managers of the Italian-Swiss shipping company MSC, which will maintain until the end of June the route from Dubai to Doha with a stopover at Sir Bani Yas and Abu Dhabi, capital of the seven United Arab Emirates chosen by King Juan Carlos I for his retirement.

With direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona to Dubai, the cruise ship MSC Bellissima, with a capacity of 5,686 passengers, it sails from the port of Rashid to the artificial island of Sir Bani Yas to then pass through Abu Dhabi and return to Dubai. All in a week where tourists they can visit the main attractions of these cities built using petrodollars in the middle of the Arabian desert, an arid territory with suffocating heat that can reach 55 degrees in the middle of summer and where the mist is an inseparable companion of the trip.

What to see at each of the stops Less than a day cruise:

The Palm Jumeirah is Dubai’s most famous set of man-made islands.

1- Dubai

Dubai has just closed the Expo2020. In this city of huge skyscrapers the Museum of the Future is a must with a dazzling array of events that anticipate a more than likely way of life in 2071.

In its rare 35 square kilometers of extension, Dubai presents an ultra-modern architecture with the tallest skyscraper in the world: Burj Khalifa, 828 meters high. Built between 2004 and 2010, the building owes its name to the president of the United Arab Emirates.

the dubai mall It is the largest and most visited mall in the world with over 1,200 stores. Inside it houses an ice rink, an aquarium with sharks and the famous Gold Souk.

the burj al arab hotel, 321 meters high in the shape of a sail, it stands on an artificial island located less than 270 meters from the beach.

The jumeirah palm It is the most famous group of man-made islands in Dubai, full of luxury hotels and residences.

Sir Bani Yas artificial beach.

2- Sir Bani Yas

Creation of Sheikh Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Sir Bani Yas Island, a coastal wildlife sanctuary near Abu Dhabi. The island is home to many wild animals, including the Arabian oryx, almost extinct, and a temple for birds.

The island is located 250 kilometers southwest of Abu Dhabi, it measures 17.5 kilometers from north to south and 9 kilometers from east to west.

Cruise passengers can enjoy A sunny day on the artificial beach built on the island.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest in the country.

3- Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates has the splendid Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the largest in the country and an architectural marvel of the modern world.

Built between 1996 and 2007, it is made white marble, It has four minarets, gold-plated lamps and swarovski crystals and a capacity of 40,000 people. The courtyard is decorated with mosaics.

In 2017, Abu Dhabi opened its own museum of The Louvre, in the cultural district of Saadiyat Island. Work of the French architect Jean Novel, its steel dome appears to be permanently floating, making it easier for sunlight to enter inside.

In the hotel Emirates Palace everything is luxury. It is one of the few hotels to have 7 stars. It is a 394-room resort that has one of the most expensive suites on the planet: 680 square meters at 12,000 euros per night.

In November, Abu Dhabi will host the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Overview of Doha, the capital of Qatar.


Must visit in Doha, capital of the peninsula To taste, It is the one that is carried out in an SUV through the desert until reaching a point from which you can see Saudi Arabia in the background. In November, this country, similar in size to Murcia, will celebrate the Football World Cup in impressive stadiums that will have air conditioning even in the seats.

the the west bay It is one of the most popular and exclusive areas of the city, characterized by its skyscrapers and parks. The neighborhood is in the heart of the bay, next to the cornice and very close to the main attractions of the city.

Built on the site of Doha’s century-old commercial market on the banks of Wadi Musheireb, souk souk waqif looks like an anachronism, especially in the context The spectacular modernist skyline of Doha. With its adobe stalls, the market and its winding alleys offer a clear view of traditional street life.

Exclusive to the Yacht Club

“People feel very special here,” he says. Rosalia Scaldaferri, director of the MSC Yacht Club, the VIP area of ​​these ships sponsored by the actress sophie lorenfor which cabin 1508 is still reserved.

Scaldaferri greets her selected passengers while her husband, Edo, plays the piano in the access lounge to the Yacht Club, a kind of luxury yacht inside the cruise ship Bellissima of 17.1598 tons, 315 meters long and 43 meters wide.

“Details and luxury mark the cruise experience”, assures Scaldaferri, to the point that each passenger has a 24-hour butler that the same thing prints on the high seas the newspaper you want that puts the clothes in the cupboards of the cabins.

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