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Since Kerem Boursin We know very little in recent weeks, but it turns out that the actor who starred in the soap opera “Love is in the air””, enjoys a short stay in Malaga, Spain. The trip a few weeks ago allowed the Ottoman artist to spend Holy Week in the Iberian country. The other big news is that he was seen in this town with his friend Antonio Banderas.

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The actor Kerem Boursin who is remembered for playing Serkan Bolat in “Love is in the air“, also made the news in 2021 for the sentimental relationship he had with the famous Turkish actress Hande Ercel.

After several weeks without news from the Turkish idol, Kerem Boursin He surprised his thousands of fans with some photos that quickly went viral on social media where they report on his stay at Spain.

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To be exact, the city where the Ottoman actor spends his days is Malaga and is hosted by leading Hollywood artist, Antonio Banderas.

Kerem Bürsin chatting with Antonio Banderas in Malaga (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)


As part of the celebration of Holy Week a photograph caught the attention of fans of the actor Kerem Boursin because he currently spends his days in the city of Malaga with his great friend, Antonio Banderasas reported by the portal ten minutes.

The Ottoman artist arrived in Spain during the month of March to participate as a guest in cinema party. After that, he did not decide to return to Turkey and, on the contrary, to continue enjoying the various cities of this country. One of them, Málaga.

Actor Kerem Bürsin with Antonio Banderas and his girlfriend (Photo: Antonio Banderas / Instagram)
Actor Kerem Bürsin with Antonio Banderas and his girlfriend (Photo: Antonio Banderas / Instagram)

In this city, the Turkish actor met his friend Antonio Banderas. The two met when Serkan’s memory went to see a Spanish presentation at the theater. After talking, they strengthened the bonds of friendship.

According to the portal, Bürsin previously confessed that Antonio Banderas it was his idol. With this trip, the actor not only enjoyed Malagabut he was also able to meet his favorite artist with whom he became a close friend.

Antonio Banderas enjoyed Palm Sunday in Malaga (Photo: Antonio Banderas / Instagram)
Antonio Banderas enjoyed Palm Sunday in Malaga (Photo: Antonio Banderas / Instagram)

It should be indicated that Antonio Banderas invited the Turkish actor to spend the Holy Week because he (Banderas) has a lot of devotion to this party. Their friendship was immortalized in a photo where the two pose on the balcony and take a selfie.

Holy Week celebration in Malaga (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)
Holy Week celebration in Malaga (Photo: Kerem Bürsin / Instagram)


The photograph was published by Antonio Banderas and quickly got thousands of likes and several comments. There, you could see the two sharing cordial and grateful messages.

A pleasure to share with you an ancestral tradition of my land. You are always welcome dear Kerem!”Flags wrote.

Pleasure was everything to me. To be able to witness such powerful ancestral traditions of your beautiful hometown, Malaga, was something else and to share this with you was an honor.“replied the Turkish actor.

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Kerem Boursin born in Istanbul, Turkey, June 4, 1987; that is, he is currently 33 years old.

From an early age, he was drawn to the world of theatre, to the point of becoming his greatest passion. In fact, he was voted the best theater actor in a high school competition in the United States.

Bürsin has lived in several countries, including Scotland, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Malaysia and the United States. In fact, in 1999, when he was 12 years old, he moved with his family to North America.

Bürsin studied marketing to please his parents. They asked him to have a plan B in case his acting career didn’t prosper, and while he enjoyed his job very much, it wasn’t his thing.

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