La Jornada – ‘Lazo Weavers’ cover the Mexico pavilion at Expo Dubai

Mexico will seek to have a permanent presence at the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, following its participation in the Dubai World Expo 2020.

The meeting, postponed last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be inaugurated on October 1. The Mexican pavilion is now set to open in a special ceremony on October 4 and show off in style on November 10, designated Mexico Day.

This was reported by Martha Delgado, Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), who in an interview with The day He explained that Dubai is a country “that has a very particular appreciation for Mexico; In general, our relationship with the United Arab Emirates is very close, that’s why our presence will not only include the six months of the expo, but we will leave things definitively.

“In addition to looking for a space in the Louvre Abu Dhabi museum, we already have an important agreement with the cultural area of ​​this country so that there is an exchange of techniques between weavers, because like here there is a great Arabic tradition of making textiles.

With the emirate of Sharjah, recognized as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, famous for its annual book fair, the official confirmed that the initiative to make Guadalajara the world capital of reading will be resumed in 2022 because it is this region the guest of honor at the meeting of booksellers that takes place every November in the capital of Jalisco.

“To warm up the atmosphere, we will bring Mexican writers to Expo Dubai; we work with Arab universities to make the presentations. The cultural agenda includes 35 shows, the details of which we will announce on October 4th. We are a cultural power, it will be very difficult not to turn to Mexico during the six months that the expo lasts.

The Mexican pavilion is located in the mobility theme petal of Expo 2020 Dubai and has 900 square meters. It is a building divided into three levels of 300 square meters each.

The facade of the building, he described, is “hand-woven”, thanks to the proposal of the artist Betsabeé Romero, invited by Bernardo Noval, director of the space. The proposed installation is titled loop weaverss and was made by craftsmen from Etzatlán, Jalisco, who wove the colorful pieces that cover the building in raffia.

The undersecretary says it was a challenge to get Mexico’s seat in Dubai because there were no funds, since the disappearance of Pro México, an agency that financed the country’s presence in fairs and exhibitions world.

“At the time, this body had a budget of 43 million dollars which would have been used to build a pavilion on a huge piece of land that we had at Expo Dubai, but the extinction of Pro México and our policy of austerity did not allow this millionaire investment.

“It was wise to allocate these resources to the priorities of the country. Given this, we thought about raising private funds, but with the pandemic, many jumped ship. No one knew what the development of industry and commerce would look like in the face of the health crisis.

“We went through very difficult times; we had to give up our land in Dubai, but the Emirates gave us a building that had already been built. Expo Director Minister Reem Ibrahim Al Hashimy said Expo Dubai “cannot be done without Mexico and must have a decent and large pavilion”.

“We rented the building and reduced the initial budget to a fifth. We have presented private initiative with an economic promotion plan for industrial recovery and they have already seen an opportunity there.

“Little by little the wills have come together so that the presence of Mexico in Dubai becomes a reality. Among others, we have the support of Concamin, its director Francisco Cervantes and various state governments. Thanks to your funds and 25% of the contribution from the federal government, we already have our pavilion. Above all, our investment will be in people, that is, we prefer to use resources to bring artisans to Dubai, Rarámuri runners who will go with other athletes, painters, dancers and singers of opera. It will be much better if the representation of Mexico is its talent and not just a building.

“I hope this experience will remain as a good practice for future exhibitions and fairs around the world,” the official concluded.

Dubai World Expo 2020 will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. This is the first edition held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. The thematic axis will be “Connecting our minds and building the future” and a capacity of 25 million people is envisaged, as well as the participation of more than 190 countries.

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