Mauricio Vila promotes in Dubai to invest in Yucatan

By offering Yucatan a certain destination for investments in the Dubai World Expo 2020Governor Mauricio Vila Dosalasserted that it is a state with advantages, strengths and opportunities to offer the world and therefore open minds to explore new possibilities and interact with representatives from other parts of the world.

As part of Yucatan Day in Dubai 2020, Vila Dosal thanked the Mexican authorities, those of the United Arab Emirates and those responsible for organizing this exhibition and added that these actions “inspire all participants to take part in the challenges we face as humanity”. and achieve a better future through technological progress and sustainability”.

That day, the Governor was the host of those present at the Mexico pavilion, in which Yucatan showed the variety of its products, its culture, its industry, its tourism, its gastronomy, its technological innovations and its projects.

In front of investors from around the world and the Under Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE)Martha Delgado Peralta, Vila Dosal said the goal of being in Dubai is to show Yucatan work and cultureas well as attracting investment and building business relationships that grow our economy to generate more, better-paying jobs for Yucatan families.

After recalling that Yucatan has become the right place to invest, Vila Dosal listed the competitive advantages that the state has, among which an ideal geographical location since it is in a privileged position on the American continent, bordering the Gulf North. Mexico, in addition to being close to the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, in addition to excellent maritime and air connectivity, as well as other characteristics that make Yucatan a destination with great tourist potential.

As part of its program of activities this Thursday, Vila Dosal also met with the directors of the DP Worldwhich is a subsidiary of Dubai World, a state-owned company in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to port management, an issue of vital importance now that the The port of Progreso will undergo a great transformation thanks to the expansion and modernization project, which includes the construction of the largest shipyard in America.

Regarding DP World, the meeting reported that the Mexican government recently signed the Protocol of agreement on the implementation of the global logistics passport, with which it seeks to attract investment and new business partners from Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the Persian Gulf, North America and the world and that is where The Yucatan can be inserted to generate more growth and job creation.

Within the framework of this meeting, Vila Dosal met with Omar Khan, director of the international offices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industryto explore the possibility of establishing trade relations with the Yucatan.

In his message to investors gathered in the Dubai Expo amphitheatre, Vila Dosal said that a strong and honest government has been built which creates the perfect conditions for investment confidence. Therefore, the first thing that was done was to implement government efficiency and maximum transparency in each of its actions, which is why today Yucatan is the state in the country in which more citizens trust their government and where they perceive the least corruption in all of Mexico.

Other benefits that the governor talked about were legal certainty to attract investment, which is the entity with the lowest number of homicides, vehicle thefts, extortion and looting in the country. Likewise, he pointed out that the magazine CEO World qualified our capital, Mérida, second safest city in Mexico and the safest in America, just behind Quebec, Canada.

Likewise, Vila Dosal pointed out to investors in Dubai and other parts of the world that Yucatan has an innovative policy in improving regulations with 100% compliance with the recommendations of the The OECD will streamline procedures and services.

Regarding renewable energies, the Governor explained that good progress has been made in the adoption and production of clean energysince there are two photovoltaic parks and three wind farms in Yucatan which today produce 25% of our annual consumption.

Added to this is the fact that the new Climate Change Act which has worked in a coordinated way with the UK Pact with which it is close to achieving the objectives of the paris pact and with him Kyoto Protocoland with which institutions and government sectors will begin to adopt it in their daily actions.

Regarding mobility, one of the important themes of Expo Dubai 2020, Vila Dosal said that there is a very ambitious plan which consists in reinventing the metropolis: Firstly, new transport routes will be integrated with the highest technology and which allow intermodal mobility, to which are added the new public transport units, all equipped with the latest technology and respectful of the environment.

The governor reiterated that all these actions, added to the advantages and the safe environment that have been obtained, are what have allowed Yucatan to be today an excellent option to investwith an ideal environment for doing business, with the support and recognition of international organizations.

This vision and these results, affirmed Vila Dosal, are what allowed Yucatan to receive world-class investments such as Tesla, Fincantieri, Walmart, Woodgenix, Amazon, Uchiyamaamong other things, that they have decided to bet on the Yucatan and that they are strengthen the State as a national and international reference and which generate jobs for the Yucatans.

These results, he added, are in addition to other strategic projects that will change Yucatan’s orientation towards the state it wants to have in 20 or 30 years, such as the new airport, the expansion of Port d’Height of Progreso, the Technological Well-Being Center and others who are on the doorstep.

The governor pointed out that Yucatan is not only chosen to receive important investments, but is also the spearhead of large-scale events where advances in security, tourism, innovation and sustainability have been shared.

An example of this is that, from November 16 to 19, the Tourism Market 2021the largest event in the tourism sector in all of Mexico and which will allow to potentiate this activity throughout the country and continue to have the international scope that has always marked us.

The governor reiterated that this is what they can find in Yucatan, a state of prosperity and where opportunities for sustainable growth abound.

Yucatan gastronomy seduces at Expo Dubai 2020

The day dedicated to Yucatan It also included many other activities. which were shared with officials in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. Among them was a large sample of Yucatan gastronomy by chef Iván Puchailing from the municipality of Acanceh, culinary director of the Meshico restaurant in Dubai, which has delighted the palates with the most exquisite traditional dishes of the state.

Visitors to the pavilion were able to taste panuchos, lime soup, poc chuc, queen’s arm, chaya or cream of pumpkin, cauliflower in sikil pak and white manjar.

The praise for Yucatec cuisine and for chef Iván Puc has been abundant and is a sign that the foods and products of Yucatec cuisine are worthy of exportespecially in a place like Dubai, where there is a high demand for quality, being one of the most important and exclusive tourist sites in the world.

The governor congratulated the chef and in a brief conversation told him that he lives in Dubai and is the executive director of the Meshico restaurant, where he has been responsible for promoting Yucatan cuisine and even l adapt to the customs and traditions of this country.

It is an example of a Yucatan who with his talent and effort has raised the name of Yucatan, being a disseminator of the traditions and customs of the state and giving a sample of what is offered to visitors .


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