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Pets are very important beings in the family nucleus of many Colombian homes. Their company is so essential that many, when planning their trips, include their dog or cat to accompany them on the journey to national or international destinations.

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According to veterinary doctor Gabriel García, care and welfare responsibilities with your pet while traveling should be as rigorous or more rigorous than normal, because the animals will be in a place that they do not recognize as their own and, in the event of unforeseen events, they will need adequate and timely care.

It is also essential that you are fully informed of the requirements of the airlines and the countries you wish to visit regarding the entry of animals such as dogs or cats.

It doesn’t matter if the country you are going to requires a passport for your pet, it is mandatory to comply with the requirements established by the Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA).

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“The traveler must contact the ICA office at the port, international airport or border post through which he will leave the country, up to 72 hours before the trip, up to 72 hours before the trip” , says the ICA. .

According to the institute’s web portal, the documentary and physical inspection of the animal is carried out during this visit. It is also issued Sanitary inspection certificate (CIS), which establishes compliance with the required documentation and the state of health of the animal. This document is valid for 72 hours from its issue and can only be drawn up by a veterinarian from the institute.

At the time of the inspection of the animal, the owner or holder of the animal must present to the official of the ICA the following documentation in copy and in original:

– Sanitary certificate : This document must be issued by a practicing veterinarian and with an issue date no later than three calendar days prior to the shipment date. “It must include the name of the animal, the identification of the animal (electronic chip, tattoo, other), the species, the race, the sex, the age, the color of the coat. This document must also certify that the animal has undergone a veterinary examination and has shown no clinical signs. signs of infectious or parasitic disease and no fresh or healing wounds,” they explain. The document has a cost.

Vaccination certificate: It must contain an up-to-date vaccination plan according to age and species, specify the name of the product, the batch number, the date of administration and the validity of the vaccination.

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In addition to these documents, some destinations require a passport for your pet. For example, It is mandatory to have it to enter a member country of the European Union with your dog or cat.

According to the French Embassy “an animal intended for export to Europe must have a certificate from a laboratory approved by the European Union. It is mandatory for the animal to obtain an antibody result against rabies greater than 0.5 IU/ML This result will be valid for the life of the animal, provided that the anti-rabies vaccine is constantly kept valid (reinforcement within the required timeframes).”

It’s important to remember that last year the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention banned dogs from entering the country for the first time or re-entering the territory after spending time in the country. ‘foreign.

This is how the CDC ordered him to control rabies outbreaks. The measure entered into force on July 14, 2021 and will last for a year, affecting more than 100 countries, including Colombia, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras. , Nicaragua, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

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