Powersoft installs its amplifiers in the Bla Bla Dubai complex

Integrator Pulse Middle East has specified Powersoft’s Quattrocanali and Duecanali amplifier platforms, which are spread across three different AV rooms in Bla Bla Dubai, one of the emirate’s largest dining and entertainment venues Arab.

With twenty bars, three restaurants and a beach club, Bla Bla Dubai offers in this restaurant complex a complete day and night experience to its visitors, with an impressive view of the Bluewaters and the island of Ain of Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

With these features and in an effort to be at the forefront of the bustling social activity in the city, this large facility located at The Beach needed quality sound to be offered in all areas of the premises as part of the proposal of comfort that offers their users.

The design and integration of the audio system was entrusted to the specialist Middle East Pressafter learning about this company’s extensive portfolio of work in other locations around town, which opted for a complex three-zone audio setup powered by amplifier rigs powersoftprovided by ProLabyour local dealer.

“I highly recommended Powersoft to the client because it stood out against other brands during the bidding process,” he explains. Bengan Hovgard, audio design consultant for the project-. Its products have many strengths, such as system integration flexibility; intuitive power sharing and software features, plus the availability of presets for many brands, all while being incredibly reliable and well supported.

In this line, James Fois, Audio Project Manager at Pulse Middle East, notes that “In amplifiers, there aren’t many products on the market other than Powersoft that can easily handle so many channels. There are many different zones and enclosures, but with the ArmoniaPlus software no matter where you assign them, you can see them as individual objects and adjust them easily and quickly. »

With regional shutdowns forcing many workers to stay home, the ability to work remotely on Powersoft’s amplification rigs was an advantage for Pulse in terms of time efficiency during the project.

“The monitoring tools in the amplifiers make it easier to manage such a massive system -Fois adds- and to troubleshoot: if a particular loudspeaker or line of loudspeakers fails, it is very easy to connect to distance, navigate to the loudspeaker, check your signal and the impedance graph, and pinpoint the problem in minutes, without setting foot in the facility.”

All of the Powersoft products specified for Bla Bla Dubai have been distributed between three audiovisual rooms different. In the first, Pulse installed thirteen systems T604; a Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D; a Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+D and one Duecanali 804 DSP+D.

The audio system in the second room required four T604s; two Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D, one Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+D and one Duecanali 804 DSP+D. In the final room, Pulse used nine T604s; two Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D and one T304 for scene control.

“Because there wasn’t a huge demand for touring products at the time, the flexibility of the T-Series amps helped us a lot,” Fois continues. They’re obviously not designed to be installed, but they still do a fantastic job, like being able to channel control and Dante to a single cable, which reduced the number of network switch ports needed. »

Another advantage highlighted by Fos of these amplifier platforms is “energy sharing: from the specification of the amplifiers themselves to their installation and configuration. With a little help from the Power Share Calculator and a simple spreadsheet it is very easy to calculate the number of ground amps needed, saving a lot of time. In addition, we can be sure not to waste energy in each of the amplifiers, to balance the load between the four channels and to ensure that each team uses an equal load”.

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