Russia returns to kyiv and attacks a missile factory | The Kremlin also bombed the Donbass region

the The Russian army bombed towns in eastern Ukraine. Kyiv authorities have also indicated that Moscow troops again attacked near the capital where the missiles used by Ukraine to attack the Russian flagship are manufactured. As, the Kremlin expelled 15 European diplomats and the UN reported that more than 5 million people have fled Ukraine since the war began 50 days ago.

Donetsk and Lugansk

At least 11 people, including a child, were killed in the Russian offensive which also damaged a kindergarten, three schools, administrative buildings and more than 300 houses in the Donbass town of Marinka. The mayor of the Donetsk region under Ukrainian control, Pavlo Kirilenko, assured that all the towns and villages in this region had been attacked. “The Russians are destroying the Donetsk region. Almost all inhabited areas along the front line are attacked by the Russian army horde,” Kyrylenko wrote.

According to the Ukrainian general staff, the Russians are preparing a new offensive in the eastern region of Ukraine where they have detected a concentration of Kremlin troops. In a statement, the Ukrainian armed forces claimed to have detected the movement of weapons from the Gomel region in Belarus, 300 kilometers north of kyiv.. “The threat of missile attacks from the territory of Belarus against Ukrainian objects persists”read the press release.

“In the direction of Donetsk, the Russian army, supported by air force and artillery, continues the offensive in some directions. The main efforts are focused on establishing control over the settlements of Popasna, Rubizhne, Severodonetsk and Sloviansk “, he adds. While Lugansk, another separatist zone, suffered at least 24 bombings, which left two dead and 10 injured.


In the northeast of the former Soviet republic, Kharkov regional governor Oleg Sinegubov reported on a attack by Russian troops in a residential area of ​​this Ukrainian town located about 40 kilometers from the border with Russia. “The occupiers fired on one of the residential areas of Kharkov. Unfortunately, 34 people were injured, including three children. Seven people died, including a seven-month-old child.”said Sinegubov.

“The second army in the world, as we see it, can only fight against the civilian population,” he quips. In turn, the Kharkov authorities asked the population not to leave their homes. A few hours earlier in the same city, Ukraine had recorded a new attack on a bus evacuating civilians, killing seven and injuring 27. According to Sinegubov, more than 500 civilians died in this region located on the border with the Russian Federation.

missile factory

Meanwhile, Russia has warned it will step up its bombardment of kyiv after the Kremlin flagship sank in the Black Sea. Moscow’s first offensive took place this Friday against a factory where the missiles with which Ukraine claims to have sunk the “Moskva” ship are produced. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, The Russian armed forces launched Kalibr missiles from the sea at a military installation on the outskirts of kyiv.

The Russian official explained that in the last hours they destroyed the Vizar factory located in the town of Vyshneve, about 30 kilometers from the capital. This company manufactures the Neptune missiles with which kyiv would have sunk the Moskva. According to the Kremlin, the Russian attack was carried out in retaliation for Ukraine’s shelling of Russian villages on the border, although kyiv rejects these accusations.

The Kremlin military spokesman further indicated that these workshops produce and repair long and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems, as well as anti-ship missiles of a terrorist nature and the sabotage carried out on Russian territory by the nationalist regime in kyiv. “, Defense Spokesman Igor Konashenkov said.

Death in Kyiv

The head of Ukrainian police in the Kyiv region Andriy Nebytoy assured that so far They managed to identify 900 dead civilians, including 350 in the town of Bucha, where they also located two mass graves. About Bucha, Nebytoy revealed that a Ukrainian official remained in this city and asked the Kremlin troops to let him remove the corpses from the streets. “He buried them in two graves. In the first there were 40 people and in the second 57. And we have already recovered 40 bodies. I want to remind you that our policeman was there. He was a judicial police officer and he was also shot with small arms,” he said.

The police officer also clarified that 95% of the bodies examined were shot with sniper rifles and small arms. “All these people died at the hands of the Russian army,” he added.

He, in turn, revealed that in the Vyshgorod and Brovary districts they also found bodies, although in smaller numbers than in Bucha. In addition, in Makariv and Borodianka, work is continuing to clear the rubble and the toll could increase. “We are sure that there are still bodies of the deceased under the rubble”said Nebytov.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense also reported the constant attacks on the port of Mariupol. According to the ministry spokesperson, Oleksandr MotuzyanykOver the past few hours, Russian forces have attacked the port city with long-range missiles.

This week, the Kremlin accused Ukraine of carrying out at least six airstrikes on residential buildings in the Russian town of Klimovo, in the Belgorod region, some 80 kilometers north of Kharkov. The governor of Belgorod, near the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, Vyacheslav Gladkovalso pointed out that the Ukrainians had carried out other attacks on two towns in the region.

18 expelled

Russia also announced the expulsion of 18 diplomats from the European Union representation in Moscow.. The Kremlin’s decision was a response to a similar decision by Brussels as a sanction for the Russian invasion. The Foreign Ministry said it had summoned the head of the European mission to Russia, Markus Ederer, to announce the expulsion.

The EU rejected the decision, calling the move unjustified despite the fact that countries including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Poland and Greece had previously expelled Russian diplomats. Some were expelled as part of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Other cases were related to espionage charges. “The decision of the Russian authorities has no reason other than to be a pure measure of retaliation,” the European diplomatic service said in a statement.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), since February 24, more than five million people have fled Ukraine. The UN agency recorded nearly 4.8 million Ukrainians who left the country and more than 200,000 people from other countries have also fled the military conflict. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported more than seven million internally displaced in the country.

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