Transfers, train Italy, titles … Carlo Ancelotti reviews the news of Real Madrid

Real Madrid face tomorrow’s clash with Chelsea with optimism. The merengue team, which achieved a brilliant 1-3 in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals played at Stamford Bridge, has all the ballots to sneak into the semi-finals of the continental competition.

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Merengue coach Carlo Ancelotti appeared at a press conference on the occasion of this match which will be the focus of all eyes tomorrow at the same time as that which will oppose Bayern Munich and Villarreal on the lawn of the Allianz Arena. She did so in order to answer the various questions from the media designated for this purpose.

These are the answers of Carlo Ancelotti

Take on Chelsea: “It’s completely normal that everyone knows it will be a difficult game. Everyone, the team and the fans. It’s Champions League quarter-finals, they are always difficult, despite what what happened in the first leg. You have to play a complete match, know how to suffer, fight, compete, be in the match for 90 minutes, you have to think about setting up the same match as in London, knowing that we expect a rival who will do his best to win the tie”.

Thomas Tuchel will look for a physical match: “We’ll see for the line-up, I think we’d like to play the same game, but we have to think that maybe Chelsea change theirs because it didn’t work out. We have to be ready for everyone, that’s for sure. is what we think. We better play in a different way”.

Send a message to the cloakroom: “The luck that I have is that this team knows these games well, what can happen, the atmosphere is that of a happy team, it is an opportunity to reach a semi-final in the League of champions, Chelsea are a very strong rival, we have a lot of respect, and we will have it”.

What is missing to win the Champions League: “We are not missing anything, nobody can tell because the Champions League is a very complicated competition, reaching the final is very difficult. In competition you can compete, not everyone can. I said it at the start of the season, because I know that for the team: the quality we need is there. It’s not only physical or tactical, it’s the personality they have. This team can compete “.

Karim Benzema and Erling Haaland play together: “What a question… I’m sorry, I can’t answer. But I can say that Benzema is a modern centre-forward, in the past the nine would arrive in the area and finish everything that happened there. Karim is what modern football demands of a striker, shooting, playing, working defensively, not giving the ball away… It’s the perfect representation of what a centre-forward should be today”.

Tuchel does not see a possible return: “I don’t know, everyone has their own opinion, Chelsea are there to fight and get through. They know it’s difficult, but they’ll try, that’s the spirit of football, big clubs that never give up. . at the top”.

Casemiro Level: “He has accumulated experience and personality in his career, especially this one. He has been a very important piece for this club lately, and he still is. And I think he will continue to be in the future, his ability to play in this position, I see few players with this ability in the world.

Opportunity to coach Italy: “I thought about it sometimes, I had the opportunity in 2018 with Italy, but I have to be honest, I like everyday life, not just games. I had a coach who said that the profession of “coach is the most beautiful if there have been no games, it’s not like that, games give you opportunities like the one on Tuesday, even if you also suffer. But day by day, it’s is my thing, until I change this chip I will not coach a team The experience in Italy in the 94 World Cup It was spectacular, but I don’t want to work only three days a year. When that urge fades, I quit.”

Back at Real Madrid, his greatest success: “I think with Everton it was very good, we worked very well, the relationship with the club was very good, but then Madrid called and I can understand that someone was angry, but I couldn’t I couldn’t say no. It was the only club that I couldn’t say no to, besides I could stay at Everton. But not Madrid.”

He deserved to continue at Real Madrid: “I hope so, but I don’t think about it, my contract is long, if the club is happy, I’m always happy; if the club isn’t, I’m grateful for this time here. I’m confident that the end of the season will go well and that I can continue to be happy.”

The team depends on Karim Benzema: “The season says that there are two forwards who have stood out a lot, Vinicius and Benzema. In the past we had Cristiano, Bale… To say that we depend on Benzema is the truth, it is not necessary to hide it. I’m very happy to be dependent on Benzema”.

Message after victory: “I think, as I said after the first leg, we have a lot of respect for Chelsea, they have a lot of quality, very good players. We have to think that Chelsea will play better, we are ready. He doesn’t I’m happy to be in the quarter-finals, but we know we’ll have to suffer and we’re ready to suffer.

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