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Author: Olivier Gomez

He bears the brunt of being compared to his cousin, six-time world champion Clara Juliana Guerrero. However, he faces the responsibility with great professionalism.

South American champion Miguel Ángel Londoño spoke about what caught his attention the most during his first international outing. Clara’s cousin Juliana Guerrero is writing her own story.

For Miguel Ángel Londoño, joining the Colombian national team was a dream he hoped to one day cherish, because ever since he was a child the mere thought of wearing that tricolor uniform sent shivers down his spine. But all the joys are not complete: when the national team won in Cali, the comparisons with the multiple world champion, her cousin Clara Juliana Guerrero, came, a pressure difficult to manage.

However, he shows an extraordinary strength: he has just been born for the concert and already signs his first feats. In the capital of the Valley, he destroyed his rivals, including some locals, who had the support of his public, but could not do anything in front of the precision of the young man from Armenia, who although he is Londoño, comes from the line of the warrior.

Defeating the owners brings a sense of power, he proved it when he drowned out the cheers of the party amid rumors of the salsa of yesteryear, to the beat of which he knocked down all the pins.

If the public is against it, the pressure mounts, but also the desire to swim against the tide. If the feeling at home is special, outside the borders of Colombia it can be greater, and in Paraguay, home of the South American Youth Championship, Sub-16 category, I would have the opportunity to to prove.

But where are the guaraní bowling alleys? You have to search for them with a magnifying glass, and even then they are nowhere to be found. There is no bowling federation; But then how is it that they offer them an event of such magnitude? When he arrived in Asunción he faced his first training sessions and checked that there would be no suitors to defend this patio.

The bowling there is one hundred percent amateur, as Guarani blood has historically given more to the accuracy of its football kick than to the pinpoint accuracy of the sport of perfect parabolas.

But it’s never late; With the completion of this type of competition, bowling is approaching the Paraguayan, who sees this discipline more as a weekend fun than what it really is: one of the most respected sports in the world.

Londoño was surprised by this situation to see himself in a country where the event went almost unnoticed. A South American, with his full name written in capital letters, was a lost event in the middle of historic Asunción.

After all, it started with something, like when in the 1970s, with the incorporation of stars like “O Rei” Pelé, they forced football in the United States, completing the project with the development of the World Cup. world in 1994, which crowned Brazil four times champion.

But it never ceased to arouse curiosity that no one had defended the house, where were the Chaco defenders?, not even a player with a guest ticket. It caught his attention, but more so, he had to compete in a two-tiered bowling alley. I had never seen this before; but worst of all was how it affected players; because between match and match they had to be aware of what level it was their turn and if they had to go up or down they also had to load all their balls, which in full competition was a sentence.

Conditions changed dramatically and players had to be prepared for anything; And how good it was, because all those stones along the way help build character, give the nerves a nerve of steel, overcome adversity and act according to where you are, whether it either up or down, but without losing your essence of what it is.

Whether there were Paraguayans or not, it didn’t matter, because in this first international outing, Miguel Ángel had to surpass Miguel Ángel, get to know him, feel his temperature; Teach yourself what steps to take to achieve your goals. And he did the task very well, because he excelled in his role in the Chaco, which was his hunting territory.

He won four gold medals and one bronze, a significant loot for a rookie on the team who thus became the best in the southern cone of the continent. Now he is preparing for an open and for the Central American Youth Championship, Sub-16 category, which will host the Dominican Republic.

If in Cali he knew how to adapt to the rhythm of salsa, in Santo Domingo he will surely do so to that of merengue, bachata and dembow. But far from these agreements, his eyes are on his goal and he has no intention of looking away, because he cannot fail, especially since his hand is already shaking the pen with which he writes his own story that began with an indelible ‘first’ opera.

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