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Sergio Bresiski – Radio Republic

“Foreign entrepreneurs or investors are invited to bet on gastronomy, hotels and sport. In addition, shoreline treatment and public infrastructure are being carried out to house these types of items,” he explained.

He also explained that “the Bio Park was shown, which signifies the entry of missionary biodiversity with the largest urban reserve in Argentina. There are 450 hectares that will be in the Arroyo Zaimán basin”.

Among the projects presented was also Silicon Misiones, which benefits from the support of the private sector and accompanies political decisions to carry out a master plan for the treatment of the coastline and thus restore life to the river.

He also argued that “the foreign investor can invest in a hotel, gastronomy, nautical nurseries, in a theme park, in a shopping center. You can also invest in the Zaiman reserve or the Bio Park”.

In this sense, there are many varieties and the private sector accompanies and guides the way, in addition to the ecosystem of the region being favorable. Bresiski explained that Misiones has a very favorable microclimate for private investment and that guarantees and scenarios invite the private sector to invest.

Regarding the country, he said that “Argentina is an attractive country for several reasons, beyond the fact that the exchange situation makes it attractive for money. The food is produced and there are producers of great talent, the food industry is very interesting, as well as yerba mate at the international level”.

Also, he said the business group is focused on selling the country with all its attractions. “A range is open which covers various projects such as renewable energies, which is very interesting. There is a productive apparatus of the great Argentine north that is very representative and within it, Misiones has also taken its initiatives,” he said.

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Current economy in Argentina

The businessman referred to the country’s economic situation and said that “in an economy like ours, everything has an impact. Whenever unfounded announcements are made by the national government, it has a very negative impact. »

He also stressed that “the country must be one of the few in the world which, through a Secretary of Commerce, is trying to solve the inflationary problem”, adding that “it is known to be This is a financial and monetary problem where the Central Bank should intervene.” .

In this sense, he pointed out that Argentina is heading towards a “dangerous funnel of the daily economy”, due to import restrictions, whether of finished products or raw materials to produce something and which force them to work below productive capacity.

“There are less products on the street, added to the fact that there is higher monetary production, it is logical that an inflationary peak is caused,” Bresiski said, adding that in March there is a 5% monthly increase in inflation, according to private consultants.

However, he pointed out that despite the inflationary situation, the construction sector is performing well. “Inflation is one thing and the level of sales is another. Building in this time of commodity restriction still gives you answers it makes sense that it’s at an acceptable level, especially since there’s no speculation on the blue dollar or any other dollar , but rather that it refers to the official dollar,” he said.

On the other hand, the businessman pointed out that people are inclined to build, which has a positive impact on the construction market and also on the labor market because there is always a high demand for labor. -work.

Finally, he stated that “there is no war on inflation and that is not the way to solve the problem. As a society, we need to ask politicians to be more consistent when talking about certain issues and even more with inflation. Consistency will help overcome this problem, it is not solved by shouting or with explosive statements that lead nowhere.

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