Video. A woman tries to open the door of a plane in mid-flight

A British woman was involved in a dramatic and unusual situation board a planefirst started shouting that he wanted to get off and tried to open one of the plane’s doors.

The situation generated tension among the passengers, that person began to fight with the airline crew and they had to make an emergency landing, so the arrival at the destination was delayed for more than ‘one o’clock.

The protagonist of this story is called Catherine Bush and generated uncertainty and anger among passengers and flight crew. The trip by plane low costbritish t Jet2 It was stipulated to leave at 09:15. Manchester bound for Antalya, Turkey, where he would arrive four and a half hours later.

Everything was going normally until Catherine started showing a strange attitude and very aggressive. A recording shows the passenger screaming as she fights furiously with crew members, who were trying to calm her down and put her back in her seat.

Another passenger, identified as samantha fearonassured that the woman had tried to open one of the doors of the plane while asking to be disembarked, according to reports Yorkshire Live.

Despite the attempts of the staff and even the passengers present on the flight to calm her down, the woman never managed to come to her senses and tension took hold of the environment.

Versions of what triggered the situation were varied. While some witnesses claimed that Catherine was already dislocated in the airportothers mentioned that the anger was triggered by the crying of some babies during the trip, according to what he collected Manchester Evening News. The discussion degenerated into physical assaultwhen the passenger slapped another passenger.

The scandal forced an early landing and delayed arrival at destination. The plane made this unexpected stop at ViennaAustria, and alerted passengers by SMS:

“Hello, we are sorry only for a disruptive behavior of a passenger, her flight was diverted to Vienna. We are working on the situation to get you back on the road as soon as possible,” reads the text sent by the airline.

Another video shows how after the unexpected landing, Catherine was arrested by the police and when getting off the plane. Shortly after 1:00 p.m., the flight departs and passengers arrive in Antalya at 3:00 p.m.

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Despite the inconvenience, one of the men traveling on the plane acknowledged the airline’s good deeds and remarked that nothing more could be done to calm the woman down.

Jet2 It not only fined the person responsible for the scandal £5,000 but also banned him from traveling on any of its lifetime flights.

According to what other British media commented, Catherine had booked her passage to Turkey to have whitening teeth which cost three thousand pounds. Due to his behavior on board the flight, he was never able to reach his destination and his journey ended in Austria.

Jet2 bans Catherine Bush from air travel for life

In a statement, the airline explained that the passenger had shown “a catalog of aggressive behaviorabusive and dangerous” aboard the aircraft, which included physical assaults on other customers and crew.

As a result of his actions, the plane had to be diverted to Vienna (Austria), which was flying from Manchester (UK) to Antalya (Turkey), so that the Austrian police could pick up the passenger, which resulted in a about an hour delay to your destination. has made it clear that it will fully support the authorities in any further investigation.

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