Who’s who in the Greek royal family who gathered this weekend in Athens for the wedding of Philip of Greece and Nina Flohr

The occasion was unique: the wedding of the youngest of the children of
Constantine of Greece. The fallen king of the Hellenic country took advantage of the opportunity to surround himself with his extended family, including his sisters. Queen Sofia was one of the guests of honor at the wedding of
Philip of Greece and Nina Flohrbut not the only representative of the extensive family of the former monarch of Greece, after all, the marriage formed by Constantino and Ana María bore fruit: five children and nine grandchildren, which we will talk about next.

Constantine of Greece and Anna Maria, Princess of Denmark, were married in 1964, two years later than our emeritus kings, but in the same cathedral. /


Constantine II of Greece and Ana Maria, the exiled kings

Constantine II he has the dubious honor of being the last king of Greece (the monarchy was abolished by referendum in this country in 1973), but he has the privilege of being the favorite brother of our
Queen Sophia and the man who fell in love with the sister of Queen Margaret of Denmark, Princess Ana Maria. Moreover, he is the patriarch of a whole saga of successful Hellenic princes and princesses. Her children, Princess Alexia and Prince Paul, her heir, were born in Greece. Her other three descendants, Prince Nicholas, Princess Theodora and Prince Phillipos, were born in exile.
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Alexia from Greece and Carlos Morales were married in 1999 / gtres

Alexia of Greece, the daughter of Constantine who lives in Spain

She was the firstborn in the family and the heir to the throne until the birth of her brother Pablo. But fate had a much quieter life in store for him than inheriting a crown: befriending the Infanta Cristina and falling in love with a Spanish architect, Carlos Morales. The couple have four children and live in Lanzarote. If you want to know more about them, click here.

Arrieta, Ana María, Carlos and Amelia, the Spanish grandchildren of Constantine of Greece

The marriage between Alexia de Grecia and Carlos Morales was blessed with four children. Among these, the best known is the eldest, Arrieta, who is now 19 years old and benefited from a luxurious godmother, the Infanta Cristina, during her baptism.

They are followed by Ana María, Carlos, who is already 16, and the youngest Amelia, who had her uncle Felipe de Grecia as godfather when she was baptized. They were all born and live in Spain. If you want to know more about the friendship between his family and the Urdangarín family, click here.


Paul of Greece and Marie-Chantal

We know her for the famous clash with Queen Letizia because of the famous fight in the cathedral of Mallorca with Queen Sofía. He is the heir to the Greek royal house, he is now 54 years old and was roommate of Felipe VI when they were both university students in the United States. Together they form a stable marriage that has existed since 1995 and has five children: Olympia, Constantine, Achileas, Odysseas and Aristides.
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The media Olympus of Greece, Constantin and Achilée, and the little Odyssey and Aristide: the children of Marie-Chantal

Pablo de Grecia and Marie-Chantal’s extended family has an influencer goddess, daughter Olympia, a Georgetown-educating son who poses as a model, Constantine, and another who turned 21 this year and is also irresistibly beautiful than him. .rest of the family in addition to being related to the heir to the Net-a-Porter empire. Of the two youngest members of the family, at the moment we know little, but if you want to meet their older brothers and see their photos, click here.

Nicholas of Greece and Tatiana attend a christening of the Danish royal family. /


Prince Nicholas of Greece and his wife Tatiana

The third son of the kings of Greece is the most Greek of all his descendants. He lives in the Hellenic country, more precisely in Athens, and is fluent in the language. After an educational journey through London and the United States, Nicolás passed, in good royal that he is, to the Military Academy of Sandhurst. In 2010, in an unforgettable wedding on the Greek island of Spetses attended by Princess Letizia, Nicolás married Venezuelan Tatiana Ellinka Blatnik. She has been linked to the fashion world for years, but now she works as a royal and devotes herself solely to charitable causes. If you want to know more about the royals who are interested in fashion, click here.


Theodora of Greece, the actress princess (and eternal bride)

If ever a remake of “The Princess Bride” is made, the casting is already done: that they call the youngest daughter of the kings of Greece for two reasons, because she has been working as an actress in Los Angeles for years and because she has been postponing her marriage to an American lawyer named Matthew Kumar since 2018. If you want to know more about Theodora’s marriage, click here.

Felipe de Grecia and Nina Flohr, newlyweds

There’s little left to say about Philippos, the youngest of King Constantine and Queen Anne Maria’s children that hasn’t already been said in the days leading up to their wedding. At least this time, the youngest son of the Greek monarchs gave us all the pomp a royal wedding deserves.

This Saanian Nina Flohr and Philippos from Greece got married in Athens /


On December 12, 2020, the couple got married in a Swiss villa and it was quite cold. The civil ceremony could not have been more intimate, as witnesses were only the parents of the couple. Of him we know, of course, that he is a prince. From her, who is the heiress of a fortune of more than a billion euros, that of her father, the businessman of Siuzo Thomas Flohr. Now we understand why their church wedding was the big Greek and royal wedding we all needed in 2021. If you want more details about their wedding, click here.

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