Coronavirus controls have been eased in European countries like Italy and Spain

Many countries around the world have started announcing plans to make sealing operations easier.

These include some of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, such as Spain and Italy.

As plans unfold, the World Health Organization warns that any rollback must be slow and only if there is the capacity to isolate victims and find contacts.

Look at the situation in some of the major countries in Europe.

Spain allowed children to leave home

Spain is one of the most difficult locks in Europe.(Photo AP: Bernard Armangu)

Spain will allow children to walk outside from next weekend, Health Minister Salvador has said, amid criticism that government regulations unfairly punish teenagers.

The change comes just hours after the government first announced that young children, currently banned from leaving home under any circumstances, could travel with their parents on essential trips such as buying food or medicine .

It drew heavy criticism on social media and many calls to allow children to play outside.

People all over Madrid clashed with pots and pans from their balconies.

Despite allowing some businesses to reopen last week, Spain remains under one of the toughest lockdowns in Europe, with millions of people gathered at home and not even allowed to exercise .

The latest 24-hour death toll is 21,282 and the number of infections is 204,178.

Italy ‘reconsiders traffic’ as part of easing lockdown

Italians have been told to stay at home, but some restrictions could change early next month.(Reuters: Someone Nerdy)

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has said Italy will start easing its lockdown on May 4, although the expected withdrawal is cautious and calculated.

The country has been the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in the world, with more than 24,100 dead since the pandemic first emerged in February.

Conte said the lockdown had put a lot of pressure on the eurozone’s third-largest economy, but with the number of new cases gradually declining, the government would release plans to ease the strike by the end of the week.

He promised a “serious science plan” that would “review” and relax transport systems to help workers travel safely, including new trade rules and measures to check whether they lead to an increase in epidemics.

“It is reasonable to expect that we will use it from May 4,” he said, adding that the hasty and irregular exit strategy would mock the sacrifices made by the Italians.

But Conte did not provide specific details on which businesses could reopen first or which restrictions could be maintained across the country.

France prepares to reopen schools

France plans to lift the ban from May 11 and Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker has provided some details of the government’s plans for schools.

He said the children would gradually return to school over a three-week period depending on their age.

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